Review: A Brit Complicated by Brenda St John Brown

britcomplicatedPlot: This story focuses on entirely on the main characters’ relationship, with very little else happening. Secondary characters have a purely surface role as a means to keep the story from getting stuck by moving the storyline forward and to give additional information—if only revealing what is going on in Scarlet’s head.

Setting: There is a brief foray to the castle, but most interaction between the characters takes place at work in a London office. Scarlet makes London a character through her art, but it has less relevance to the story despite the exploring of town being what brings Scarlet and Bradley together.

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Review: A Brit Unexpected by Brenda St John Brown

britunexpectedPlot: Meeting and dating a celebrity is a daydream any average girl entertains. Yet in attempt to ground the situation, there is so much focus on the Greyson’s fame and Claire’s insecurity/awkwardness there did not seem to be much story outside of that. Rather than a gradual getting to know one another, the story arc for the two main characters resembles skipping a rock –jumping from scene to scene and getting a little deeper but lacking the information that gets the pair there. The novel ended a bit suddenly, though I understand why end there as to go further would likely be a repeat of everything before that point.

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Review: A Brit On the Side by Brenda St John Brown

britonthesideSynopsis: Bea Gillespie would rather do anything than teach summer school two classrooms down from her ex-fiancé. So when her best friend, Scarlett, invites her to England for the summer to work in her family’s castle-turned-hotel, she jumps at the chance. Now Bea’s an ocean away from her problems at home, but she’s got a bigger one. Scarlett’s older brother, Jasper, is as sexy and smart as Bea remembers. Two years ago Jasper came stateside, and he and Bea shared a hot weekend  — one she didn’t tell Scarlett about. As Bea falls for Jasper, what started off as a fling begins feeling more and more like the kind of thing you’d gush about to your best friend if you hadn’t been lying to her all along…

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In My Mailbox (BotS)



So I entered a bookstagram contest for this book I had been dying to read ever since my book blogger friend first told me about  it. Having her go on and on about the most amazing ARC she received (she STILL posts about it!) really built up my need for the novel. The day of the drawing I checked my messages and… I didn’t win. I had really wanted a signed copy of this mana-like book *sniffle*

But since I was on my computer and emailing with SWAP about visa application details for my next adventure anyways, I figured I may as well deal with the hundreds of messages I have in there. I deleted the ones I knew I’d never read and organized the rest… imagine to my surprise I saw an email that said “ARC”.

This surprised me because I didn’t recall getting an advance reader copies of anything while in London. I sure hadn’t packed it to come home with me! I clicked on the message and it seems that some months ago I entered another contest for a novel.  To my surprise, I had actually won!

I remember being sooo excited and couldn’t wait to start reading it just as soon as I finished the book I was currently in the middle of… But I was also planning a trip and getting prepared for school to start up again and, well, life got in the way. I totally forgot about getting an ebook copy *facepalm*

Needless to say, I was more than happy to have this book in my mailbox and had the joy of receiving it (though not yet reading it) twice! I am going to leave you in suspense for now, but you’ll find out just what novel it is shortly as I’ll be posting a review on it as well as the other two books of the trilogy.