Book Review: Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr

Synopsis: Kelly Matlock was having the worst day of her life. She is a sous-chef at a five-star restaurant; the manager is a jerk, the head chef is evil, and the owner’s wife is crazy. Dealing with all of that, it is no surprise that Kelly landed in the hospital after a collapse.  On her way to visit her sister Jill for a little R&R, Kelly meets Lief Holbrook at the local pub. He’s the perfect man, but his daughter Courtney doesn’t want to share her dad and has no qualms about making that known.  So when Kelly is offered her job back, she has to make a decision…

Author: Robyn Carr is yet another best-selling, award-wining author.  She has published several other books with Mira, an imprint of Harlequin.

Cover: The picture is from the perspective of someone sitting on a front porch and looking out onto the walkway and to the fields. As can be expected from the book’s title, it has some bales of hay, fall colours, some pumpkins, and a few mountains in the distance. It might lend a bit of a hokey feel to it at first, but after reading the novel the cover kind of grows on you.

Plot: This isn’t just a simple love story, but rather one that is as complicated as real life. Lief has to come to terms with the death of his wife and figure out how to be a single parent; Courtney has to get over the loss of her mother and accept that her dad found love again; Kelly has to decide what she wants to do with her life after walking out of her job and if she can handle a ready-made family.

Point of View: While most romance novels are told from the perspective of the female character and sometimes the love interest, this book also takes into account the teenage daughter’s perspective. This helps to not only make Courtney more than just a bratty kid, but a troubled teen and helps give another side to Lief and Kelly’s relationship.

Romance: Kelly and Lief love each other, yet Kelly realizes that love isn’t always enough. Everything has to be at the right time and in the right place, but this isn’t it as both Kelly and Lief have issues they need to sort out before they can ever have a lasting relationship.

Quote: I might never eat out again… We have paramedics in the kitchen and people are yelling about spinach sides and they’re stepping over us!

The Verdict: This is a really good book. If the ending changed from a happily-ever-after to Kelly finding herself and taking the restaurant job with hope for a future with Lief, it would have been nearly as satisfying and been classified as Chick Lit rather than Romance. So if you like either of those genres or just books with a down-home feel while still being realistic, this is a book for you.

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Waiting On Wednesday (Dec-4)

Last year just before Christmas I read The Mortal Instruments trilogy, and loved them. I decided to read them again -it having been a year and I forgot a lot of it- before reading the City of Fallen Angels. Now that I have read all four books (reviews to come) I am awaiting the fifth book in this series.

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

This new novel has not yet had a cover reveal, at least not on goodreads, but is supposed to this very month. Perhaps that will be soon! But the novel itself is set to hit the shelves in May of next year.

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Teaser Tuesday (Dec-4)

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Should Be Reading. Share the title & author, so that others can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
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Open to a random page
Share two (2) “teaser” sentences.


A Man for All Seasons by Heather MacAllister

She wasn’t his type. And as soon as she tightened up her current date requirements to being beyond male and breathing, she’d remember he wasn’t her type, either. 

Ty looked as though she’d suggested serving one of Santa’s reindeer for Christmas dinner. 

She’d turned her handsome hunk of a roommate into a babbling love zombie. 

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W.W.W. Wednesday (Dec-3)

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading.  All you have to do is answer these 3 questions: 

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What did you recently finish reading?

3. What do you think you’ll read next?

I am reading “The Radiance” (Musa ms)
I am finished reading “The Druid” by S.G. Rogers   (Musa ms)
I am next reading “City of Ashes” by Cassandra Clare

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Book Review: Faith by Lori Copeland

Synopsis: After the death of their father, three sisters decide to become mail-order brides so as not to be a burden to their only relation, an elderly aunt. Faith has accepted the suit of Nicholas Shepherd who owns a ranch in Texas, but every time they go to get married something comes up to postpone the wedding. Obstacles and miscommunication make the pair believe that the marriage may not be meant to be, even as they begin to fall in love.

Author: Though she has now written over fifty books since she first started in 1982, this is Lori Copeland’s first inspirational novel. She has won awards for both her historical and contemporary novels, but Lori still feels that this book is her proudest achievement.

Product: The most inspiring thing about the cover art is the font of the title; even the back is more interesting in its appearance of old parchment paper. The pages within this trade paperback are occasionally skewed to a slight slant, but the wide margins prevented any words from being lost.

Writing Style: The story has what it takes to be a tale of hilarious hijinx, but instead manages to keep a level of seriousness throughout. While the tone may not be funny, it is still light-hearted and enjoyable without taking away from the gravity of how important the decision of marriage really is.

Plot: The tale of a mail-order bride having trouble getting to the ceremony is full of potential, added is the fact that the woman is a tomboy who would much rather be hammering a nail than threading a needle.  While I personally feel this combination could have been dealt with more comically without taking away from the solemnity of the topic of marriage, it still worked out nicely.

Point of View: While most of this novel is told from Faith’s perspective, it occasionally allows the reader to see into the minds of both Nicolas and his mother, Liza. Without these snippets of alternate perspectives, the reader would be less likely to sympathize with the mother and son, leading to a dislike of the pair.

Character: Adam Walters is a boy around five years old and was born blind. He will never be able to see, but doesn’t let that stop him from doing anything. He has to try harder than everyone else who takes vision for granted.

Theme: The relationship between the heroine and a motherless boy in this story is similar to a parable. Faith is a young mail-order bride who intends to teach Adam, a blind boy, how to use his imagination to picture things as well as how to read Braille.  Faith is teaching a blind boy how to see; belief allows unbelievers to recognize God’s love and turn to him.

Quotes: If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Her sister always said she hugged the life out of people, but she didn’t care.

The Verdict: Lori Copeland is a very talented writer who creates interesting plots. The character’s relationship with God was tightly woven into the story, never seeming unnatural or preachy. While she doesn’t surpass my current favourite Lori Wick, I will definitely continue to read the Brides of the West series

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