My Bookish Life: Holiday Hiatus

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I am sorry to say I simply must take some time off from my blog. My life has altered so much from the time I started this when I was in college! Living in the United Kingdom is a dream come true and there is so much to see. Between playing tourist, working a full time job, taking dance classes, and wanting to write a book… Well, I simply do not have a spare moment to keep up with my reviews right now. Continue reading “My Bookish Life: Holiday Hiatus”

Book Review: Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George

DragonskinSlippersSynopsis: After being orphaned, Creel is left outside a cave to either be eaten by the dweller within or rescued by royalty. Instead, she ends up striking a bargain with a dragon and leaves for the King’s Seat with a pair of blue slippers. But what Creel doesn’t know is how special those shoes are, and what they can do when they fall into the wrong hands…

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Teaser Tuesday: Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George

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Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George

It had not occurred to me, or to my family, that even the dragon might not want me.

“Earnest young knights are my favorite sport. I love the looks on their faces when they realize that they’re being slow-cooked in their own armour.”


Teaser Tuesday:  When I was Joe by Keren David

teaser tuesday

 When I was Joe by Keren David

It’s one thing watching someone get killed. It’s quite another talking about it. It’s like being trapped and not being able to close your eyes. And I can’t run away this time.

I’m so impressed at how she managed to turn me from villain to victim. But I wonder if a real court is also so open to twisting and turning the facts. Maybe there’s no such thing as real truth, just lots and lots of different ways of explaining the same thing.


Teaser Tuesday: Mwah Mwah by Chloe Rayban

teaser tuesday

Mwah Mwah by Chloe Rayban

Parents! They think they own you. Just because, by some random freak of nature, you happen to be born to them, rather than someone else –someone reasonable, generous, and understanding– they think they have the right to control your life!

I’ve been packed off to Paris. Dad backed Mum up. He said the experience would be ‘character-forming’. Personally, I think my character is pretty well formed already. Normally, I have my own opinions and make my own decisions. Having to give in to parents is a step in the wrong direction if you ask me.


Bookish Thoughts: Faulty Stars



Having now finished the four previous books and writing about each, it is time to embark on the last, the final, the most anticipated… The Fault In Our Stars. It was getting more and more difficult to avoid spoilers about something I planned to eventually read and I had the perfect opportunity, so the time had come to crack open the cover. Continue reading “Bookish Thoughts: Faulty Stars”