Teaser Tuesday: Would Like to Meet by Rebecca Winters

teaser tuesday

Would Like To Meet by Rebecca Winters

A good meet-cute shows us it’s possible for a single moment to change everything for the better.

You can keep all the flowers and the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. When a man comes over to unblock your toilet, that’s romance.


My Bookish Life: Tidying Up – book declutter

my bookish life

If you have been reading my blog since autumn, you will already know I have been on a decluttering journey. I returned to Canada after living abroad with the knowledge of needing to sort through my belongings (we’re talking twenty-five years worth of stuff). I have been reading a number of tidying books and watching decluttering shows, trying out various aspects of their advice. For me the KonMari method has been working the best, though I had to make small alterations to best suit my needs. The most obvious of this was saving the decluttering of my books until the very end. Continue reading “My Bookish Life: Tidying Up – book declutter”

Book Review: Blind Date Diaries by Brenda St John Brown

blind date diariesSYNOPSIS: Dating? Lower than a bikini wax on my list of priorities. Blind dating? Let’s just say I’d rather have a Brazilian – and not the hot soccer-player variety. So the fact I’ve agreed to do a blind-date feature for Pink, the magazine I work for, and write it all up Bridget Jones style means one thing – Pink is in dire straits and this is my best shot at saving my job. Make that my only shot because date number one is with Jack Reese – the son of the publisher of Pink – and he dislikes me as much as I dislike him. Or at least I thought he did. Continue reading “Book Review: Blind Date Diaries by Brenda St John Brown”