Book Haul: Kaki Warner

book haul

Well, I haven’t told you what has been in my mailbox for a long time! I have gotten a lot of ARCs, but I think I shall leave those for when I actually go to review the books (of which I’m really rather behind on); I’ve gotten a few manuscripts to either edit or beta read, but I’ll hold of on mentioning those as well. So I’ll tell you what I’ve gotten from the library! Continue reading “Book Haul: Kaki Warner”

Book Review: Gossamyr by Michele Hauf

Synopsis: Gossamyr de Wintershinn has been raised by her father, the ruler of Glamoursiege, to be a warrior worthy of the throne… except he never let Gossamyr show her mettle in true combat. Yet when the Red Lady’s plot threatens to destroy all of Faerie, no one but Gossamyr is fit for the quest and so she travels to the mortal realm for the first time.  The half-fae half-mortal does not fear the danger; what she should fear is discovering the truth about herself. Continue reading “Book Review: Gossamyr by Michele Hauf”

W.W.W. Wednesday

WWW new

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading.  All you have to do is answer these 3 questions: 

1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

To do something a little different with this, I thought I’d find out what my friends are reading and post that whenever I can get answers out of them!

Holly is finished reading “50 Shades of Grey” by EL James

Holly is reading “50 Shades Darker” by EL James

Holly is next reading “50 Shades Freed” by EL James

Simple Smile Saturday: A Tournament and Ring

simple smile

Thanks to Jen Armentrout and hannahelt who inspired this meme. They claimed I get excited over the simplest things, so I decided to post something “simple” that I get excited over just to prove that the smallest things really do make you smile :0)

Today’s smile is… Continue reading “Simple Smile Saturday: A Tournament and Ring”

Book Review: Seraphim by Michele Hauf

Synopsis: On the eve of Seraphim’s wedding, the d’Ange castle was attacked by the de Morte brothers and everyone was killed… everyone, but Seraphim. Sera survived the attack upon her person that left her with horrible scars and a damaged throat. Vowing to get revenge, Sera set out to kill all the de Morte’s under the guise of the Black Knight. With only the help of her “squire” Balwin and a mysterious stranger named Dominique San Juste, Seraphim must stop the demonic de Mortes from wreaking evil upon all of France. Continue reading “Book Review: Seraphim by Michele Hauf”

Teaser Tuesday: Everlasting Desire by Amanda Ashley

teaser tuesday

Everlasting Desire by Amanda Ashley

She didn’t know much about vampires, but being bitten by another vampire seemed like the most logical way to join the ranks of the fanged and dangerous.

Megan couldn’t help grinning. It had never occurred to her that vampires brushed their fangs. 

Book Review: Summer Seaside Wedding by Abigail Gordon

Synopsis: It was supposed to be Amelie Benoir’s wedding day, but when she found her fiancé in bed with another woman, Amelie called off the engagement. Instead, on that day, Amelie was arriving in Bluebell Cove to work at a local medical practice for six months. Leo Fenchurch, one of the other doctors, was the first person she met and so he felt responsible for her happiness… but does that include romance? Continue reading “Book Review: Summer Seaside Wedding by Abigail Gordon”

All About Authors: Cover Reveal – The Game Changer by Marie Landry

all about authors

I am extremely excited to be part of the cover reveal for Marie Landy’s second book! Most of you already know I was an editor for Marie’s first novel, Blue Sky Days (review,  interview, buy link), and I’m happy to say I will also be involved with this one as well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read this book? Continue reading “All About Authors: Cover Reveal – The Game Changer by Marie Landry”

Teaser Tuesday: Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands

teaser tuesday

Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands

It was just… Well, he didn’t know what the hell it was. He was so confused he didn’t know what to think.

Turning his head, Christian hissed, so far gone he bared his fangs before he recognized it was his mother who had grabbed him by the ear. 

“Gay or not, we love you.”
“I’m not gay,” he pointed out.
“But if you were, we’d still love you. You wouldn’t have to hide in the closet with the smelly old shoes.” 

Book Review: Callaghan’s Bride by Diana Palmer

Synopsis: When Tess Brady’s father dies she has nowhere to go, so the Hart brothers hire her as their housekeeper/cook. Believing this job to have been given out of pity and not wanting to deal with Callaghan’s perpetually bad mood, Tess tries to quit repeatedly only to be talked into staying longer. Callaghan is falling for Tess but knows that she is over fifteen years his junior; he won’t consider marriage and she is too innocent for an affair. How will he ever manage to resist her? Continue reading “Book Review: Callaghan’s Bride by Diana Palmer”