Review: A Brit Unexpected by Brenda St John Brown

britunexpectedPlot: Meeting and dating a celebrity is a daydream any average girl entertains. Yet in attempt to ground the situation, there is so much focus on the Greyson’s fame and Claire’s insecurity/awkwardness there did not seem to be much story outside of that. Rather than a gradual getting to know one another, the story arc for the two main characters resembles skipping a rock –jumping from scene to scene and getting a little deeper but lacking the information that gets the pair there. The novel ended a bit suddenly, though I understand why end there as to go further would likely be a repeat of everything before that point.

Setting: The book begins and ends at the castle, but the middle takes place in London and Bath (Ooooh, I do love Bath!). Sadly the castle doesn’t play as big of a role as the previous novel, nor does it feel like an integral part of the plot.

Romance: Ordinarily the average person does not meet a celebrity, so having grandparents introduce the two MCs is actually a rather logical solution. Everyone has interfering grandparents! There is a touch of meetcute to it, but still grounded enough to be considered realistic (why doesn’t any of my grands know any gorgeous famous people?!). While being the fake girlfriend of a celeb is pretty unlikely, the two do go through the various uncertainties many couple endure until they learn how to communicate with each other properly.

 Character Development: This story feels a bit more surface-y than the previous in the series, as we don’t really learn anything more about Claire than in the first book. While the characters tell each other about their past and life struggles, it is as though they are just skimming the surface and we don’t get to really know the characters, not enough to truly connect emotionally.

Verdict: It is a cute novel that gives Claire her own story, something a reader wants after the first of the series. I do like the book, I just felt it was not as good as the first one due to a lack of character growth. It is a really cute story, though, so if you want something light and fluffy you’re good to go.


Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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