WiP Wednesday: Is Fear Holding You Back?

wip wednesday

Good morning, my lovely booklovers!

Over the month of April, editorial coach Joanne Grant did weekly “Monday Motivation” sessions to help authors and aspiring writers feel inspired during the pandemic. As she lives in England and I live in Canada, I either fell asleep before her live video or did not wake up on time for them.

Thankfully, I was able to watch the videos later and found them to be very helpful in figuring out why I have not even opened up my WiP for months… Though it could possibly be years now. Continue reading “WiP Wednesday: Is Fear Holding You Back?”

Teaser Tuesday: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

teaser tuesday

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

“The only thing that makes a name important is that it’s given to you by someone who loves you.”

“We all tell the truth as we see it, do we not?” 


Book Haul: Elementals, Remember, Angelina’s Secret, and City of Fallen Angels

book haul

Do not worry, I have not attempted to go into the world and buy books, neither did I order any new ones online… namely because (a) I am broke and (b) I am quarantined with my parents and Mum said the only thing allowed to enter this house is food. Seriously, any mail we receive is piling up in the garage.

No, the place I went “shopping” is my very own bookshelves. To be truthful, I do have a fair amount (if you want to know the exact number, Continue reading “Book Haul: Elementals, Remember, Angelina’s Secret, and City of Fallen Angels”

Thankful Thursday: Being Home

Thankful Thursday

The world is a crazy place right now with the global pandemic completely changing our way of life. I have not left my parents’ house for the past forty-two days, even though I would dearly love to see my friends. And even though this is kind of scary, it is in times like these that we need a moment to meditate on all the good in our lives. Continue reading “Thankful Thursday: Being Home”

My Bookish Life: 2020 Intentions – three month update

my bookish life

To keep myself accountable, I am planning to write posts about how I am progressing with my New Year’s resolutions/goals. In this instance I am covering the first quarter of the year, but at times I may do so at the end of a month. It will just depend on how life goes!

As I wrote this beginning of this month, I want to mention there will not be any inclusion about how things have been progressing as of April first. It will sum up only the beginning three months of the year, and was written while we are still under a world-wide quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading “My Bookish Life: 2020 Intentions – three month update”

Book Review: A Perfect Fit series by Alison Bliss

A-Perfect-Fit-1SYNOPSIS: These curvy girls are finding their perfect match in Size Matters, On The Plus Side, More To Love, and Meant To Be.  Sam hates how everyone makes critical comments about Leah’s weight, so he pretends to be her fiancé… only to realize he announced it not just to her ex-boyfriend but also to her mom.  Valerie has been in love with her brother’s best friend for years so she jumps at the chance to get him to notice her, even if it means telling a little lie. Max pretends to be a health inspector at Jessa’s new food truck to try to run her out of town and spend more time with her. Continue reading “Book Review: A Perfect Fit series by Alison Bliss”

My Bookish Life: World-Wide House Arrest

my bookish life

This is going to be slightly different today. Not quite so bookish as usual, but these are unusual times…

As the pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, I thought I would give you an update about how things are going during my isolation time. So if you are wondering how my life has changed? Continue reading “My Bookish Life: World-Wide House Arrest”

Book Review: Well Met by Jen DeLuca

wellmetSYNOPSIS: When her older sister was in a car accident, Emily relocated to help April recover and to watch over Caitlin. When she found out the only way her niece could participate in the local Renaissance Faire is with parental supervision, Emily had no choice but to volunteer alongside the teen. The person running the fundraising event is Simon, a man who always seems to find ways to irritate Emily yet looks swoon-worthy in his leather pirate pants. Though Emily is only supposed be in Willow Creek until the end of summer, she can’t help but wish her stay a little more permanent… Continue reading “Book Review: Well Met by Jen DeLuca”