Review Policy

I will gladly accept books for review on my site!

I prefer physical books, but I will accept epub ebooks and audiobooks too. Please read the following as contacting me means you understand and agree to the terms and conditions I have stated below.

I will review novels (and sometimes non-fiction). I have a strong preference toward romance, young/new adult, scifi/fantasy, chick lit, and inspirational. I occasionally read non-fiction themed around organizing, writing, etiquette, socializing/dating, happiness/inspirational, and learning new languages.

I will aim to be timely. I try to post a review for an ARC or nearly published book as near to the publication date as possible. I also try to gear themed books towards whichever holiday they most fit (Valentines, St Patricks, Christmas, etc). Should life happen and I have receive one of your books, I will review it as soon as I’m able.

I cannot guarantee reviews. If I am unable to finish a book and/or cannot find a way to write about it without being overly negative, I may not post a review. I will then try to post to another category so that some publicity of the book is provided, but I cannot promise this either.

I will tell no lies. I will be as truthful as I can when writing a review. My posts will not pretend every book I read is fantastic, but neither would I bash any authors or books. As well, the reviews are based upon personal opinion.

I am connected. I use social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest. I will try to spread the word of your books to the best of my abilities across as many platforms as is feasible.

I do interviews and guest posts. If you are interested in doing an interview, a guest post, or even a book review please let me know. I can email you either my Writerly Questions or my requirements for a review, or you can send me a guest post 400-600wrd about practically anything that relates to writing, publishing, or books.

I love giveaways. If you want me to host a contest on your behalf, I will gladly do so. At this time I am unable to help with any costs included in said events, therefore I would pass the winner’s mailing address to whomever I am asked to contact.

These policies may be adjusted and added to at any time.

You can get in touch with me at the following email:


2 thoughts on “Review Policy”

  1. Hi Jamie,
    If you like True Blood or the Twilight Series, you’ll love Teale Moon by Vivian Hartley. Below is a link to the book. If this is to your taste I can email you a free copy for you to review. You don’t have to have an ereader to view it. Let me know if you’re interested. I had to read it because I was commissioned to do the book cover. I loved it, so I thought I would pass on the info to you. Thanks,
    if the link does not work just go to or and type Teale Moon


  2. I love Teale Moon! I was so sad when Charlaine Harris finished her Sookie Stackhouse series, but I have found that Vivian Hartley’s Teale Moon has filled that void. I’m looking forward to reading Violet Moon.


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