Quotes From “The Art of Discarding” and My Thoughts On Them

There were some stand-out quotes and ideas from the book “The Art of Decluttering: how to get rid of clutter and find joy” by Nagisa Tatsumi that did not fit in with my review format, so I decided to make my perusal of this text into a mini-series. For this post I will be pulling lines from the book and discussing my thoughts on them.

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Book Review: The Art of Discarding by Nagisa Tatsumi

discardingSYNOPSIS: The Japanese have a word “mottainai” which means a sense of shame at wastefulness, and this book takes a look into how that feeling affects our ability to discard possessions we no longer have use for and what can help us overcome it so we may declutter our lives.

COVER: The design is very minimal, a white background with red and black text. It definitely embodies the tagline of “how to get rid of clutter and find joy” as the simplicity satisfies. I also got a laugh out of the word “discarding” in the title as the body of each “i” is missing, leaving only a space with a dot overhead.

FORMAT:  The layout of the book is of being broken into parts, and those sections each deal with a different topic that is further divided into subcategories. Each idea is incredibly easy to find based on the table of contents and the matching header at the top of each page as well.

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Marie Kondo and Me – Part 4

mariekondo_netflix_heroimagewebhome_768xBy now you may have guessed that I have been doing my KonMari so slowly it has taken about six weeks and I am still not done. I was inspired by her show “Tidying Up” when it came out at the first of the year, but didn’t have the chance to try her method myself as I was living overseas. Now that I have moved back home I am going through all of my belongings to find what sparks joy. My blog mini-series does begin with the show and then will continue on with her books, but also include other organizational-guru authors. If you have not yet read Part One go here , Part Two is here, and Part Three is here.

I am not saying it will take anyone else even half as long as it has for me, because it probably won’t. Aside from the fact I listen to audiobooks as I clean and therefore am not as focused, between each step I have taken breaks.  I have gone to visit friends and family, read books or watched movies, written and sent out resumes, did a little apartment hunting, attended a hockey game, went to the cinema and the local playhouse, endured a wretched week-long cold, etc.

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Marie Kondo and Me – Part 3

mariekondo_netflix_heroimagewebhome_768xLast month I started writing about my decluttering journey, which technically began nearly a year ago when I first watched Marie Kondo’s tv series “Tidying Up”. My blog mini-series does begin with the show and then continues on with her books, but will also include other organizational-guru authors. If you have not yet read Part One go here and Part Two is here.

To recap: my family moved into our current house when I was in grade seven. I relocated to Toronto for university and my post-grad. Then I decided to travel, and live in England for a while before going on to Ireland. I have moved back to Canada and am currently staying with my parents until I get my life sorted (ie. a job and an apartment). This is relevant because I have never actually decluttered and now have to sort through everything. We are talking four suitcases worth of stuff from Ireland, three shipped boxes and two suitcases from England, an entire bachelor apartment from Toronto, and seven-ish years worth of stuff from my childhood. Needless to say, it doesn’t spark joy.

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