My Bookish Life: Resolution Update – January

my bookish life

At the beginning of the year I always have good intentions to jumpstart my life and do all the things I meant to do the year before but never got around to. This year I plotted and planned and charted. I had been told my schedule was going to be set for the same time every day but with one less day a week than usual during slow season, and while that would not be great for my bank account it would be perfect for helping my plans… However, work decided to throw a monkey wrench in the works by instead moving me to a different position with even worse hours than before.

I’m still trying my best though!

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Book Review: Theatrical by Maggie Harcourt

34615412Synopsis: Hope’s mother is well known in the theatre world but, in order to make a name for herself, Hope secretly applies for a career-launching internship… and gets it. Trying to balance school work and the internship is not easy, particularly when she’s been assigned to assist the actor playing the lead role. With the help of her two friends and a new love interest, the show must go on!

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My Bookish Life: Marie Kondo and Books

my bookish life

While I have not yet read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or her sequel “Spark Joy” (I’m waiting on them from the library), I have just binge-watched the TV show that came out on Netflix recently. I had only meant to watch one or two episodes the other night before bed, but got hooked and watched half the season in one go. Once I finished the season I really wanted to do a possession purge… this is problematic as I am currently living in Ireland with only a modicum of stuff, while all my excessive belongings are stored at my parents’ house.

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My Bookish Life: New Year = New Start

my bookish life


It seems like no matter how many times I intend to revitalize my blog, the plan quickly fizzles out. Last year I got a full-time job that has me often working odd hours and overtime, so I did not have much energy for anything else. My entire life became work, eat, read, sleep, repeat.

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