Book Review: Beth and the Bachelor by Susan Mallery

51L4yszr9eL.SX316.SY316Synopsis: Matchmaking friends send Beth Davis on a date with millionaire bachelor Todd Graham. Not exactly Cinderella material, Beth is a widowed, nearly-forty suburban mom. Being auctioned off for charity to someone twice his usual dating range (and closer to his own age), Todd was not happy about his date until he met Beth. He’s fascinated by her and wants to see her again, but Beth doesn’t trust he will eventually promise forever.

Cover: The original cover from the 90s isn’t all that fabulous, but the 2015 edition’s artwork is much improved and more in keeping to Susan Mallery’s other novels. The newer cover has a great sense of space and colour, as well as show an cute couple frolicking in a field… which I don’t actually recall ever happening, but still looks adorable.

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Review: His Christmas Bride to Be by Abigail Gordon

christmas bride to be

Setting: This book takes place in the United Kingdom… something I was not entirely certain of until towards the end as I did not recognize the town’s name and the country was not given. However words like boot for a vehicle’s trunk space and London, plus returning to the UK gave the clues needed to locate where the story was taking place.

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