Teaser Tuesday: Her Ladyship’s Guide to the Art of Conversation by Caroline Taggart

teaser tuesday

Her Ladyship’s Guide to the Art of Conversation by Caroline Taggart

The best conversationalists are those who are genuinely interested in other people and experience real delight in finding out about their lives.

If something utterly dreadful happens to you, shrug it off, put it down to experience and, in due course, turn it into an anecdote.


My Bookish Life: Unfamiliar Past

my bookish life

It is a bit strange to be blogging again after being gone from this world for so long, but also comforting too. When I arrived back in Canada after two years abroad I was hit with reverse culture shock pretty bad. Everything that had been so normal growing up now felt off-kilter and essentially sent me into hiding… Okay, part of that is due to how cold and snowy it is and I was really hibernating with a book or twenty.

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Top Titles: Ten Best British Books

top titles

I may not have posted many reviews while living in London, but I was definitely reading! In fact, I was working in a secondary school library and spent much of my day surrounded by books.  I had access to a lot of young adult novels, and the kids often asked me for recommendations. What choice did I have but to read as many as I could so I would be familiar with our stock?

The funny part is there was a rumour I had read all the books in the library, as a couple asked me straight out if I really had. It would have taken me a good five or six years to manage, but I was certainly trying my best!  I did nothing to quash that wee tale, either *L0L* Continue reading “Top Titles: Ten Best British Books”

Book Review: Omens by Kelley Armstrong

omenskaSynopsis: Olivia Taylor Jones has the perfect life. At twenty-four she can boast of wealthy parents, an ivy league education, and a handsome fiance with political ambitions… at least until she finds out she was adopted. When Olivia discovers that her birth parents are notorious serial killers, she decides to find out the truth about the Larsons. Meeting up with her mother’s former lawyer, Olivia starts to investigate what really happened and finds herself drawing on abilities that make her both a valuable asset and vulnerable to her enemies. The dark secrets lurk in the shadows have their own plans for Olivia.

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Teaser Tuesday: Omens by Kelley Armstrong

teaser tuesday

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

A town filled with gargoyles. Must be well protected.

The power to innately detect and decipher omens was a strange skill, one that most psychics would deny even existed.

Book Review: Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong


Synopsis: The series began with Bitten in 2001 and continued for a total of thirteen novels, introducing other supernatural characters –witches, ghosts, necromancers, half-demons. The books spin off to the stories of these other characters, all within this fantasy world and usually connected in some way. Past characters continued to appear in guest roles and often returned to narrate new novels or short fiction. After Thirteen, the final novel, the series continued with short fiction and novellas until 2016.

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My Bookish Life: A New Beginning

my bookish life

It seems like the right time to start blogging again, don’t you think? It is the dawn of a new day, a new year, and the perfect time to make a new beginning. I have had such amazing adventures that I cannot wait to share with you! You shall have to be patient, though, as I’ve still not managed to get everything unpacked yet.

Let’s make this year a good one, shall we?