Review: A Brit On the Side by Brenda St John Brown

britonthesideSynopsis: Bea Gillespie would rather do anything than teach summer school two classrooms down from her ex-fiancé. So when her best friend, Scarlett, invites her to England for the summer to work in her family’s castle-turned-hotel, she jumps at the chance. Now Bea’s an ocean away from her problems at home, but she’s got a bigger one. Scarlett’s older brother, Jasper, is as sexy and smart as Bea remembers. Two years ago Jasper came stateside, and he and Bea shared a hot weekend  — one she didn’t tell Scarlett about. As Bea falls for Jasper, what started off as a fling begins feeling more and more like the kind of thing you’d gush about to your best friend if you hadn’t been lying to her all along…

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