My Edits

As you may or may not know, I work as a developmental editor (along with my day job in an office). Most of what I do is for an ebook company called Musa Publishing, but I also do the occasional freelance job.

Previously this section just had one page of all the books I have edited, but it was getting a bit unwieldy and needed to change. As I’m sure you may have seen it now has four subsections –thus far.

The section dubbed Freelance Work is for authors I work for outside of Musa. At this point you will only see one author whom I’ve been working with since her debut novel. Eventually you will see others, at the very least one more (I’m currently working with a new author).

The tab called Musa – Urania will likely be the one updated most often as this is the imprint I am assigned to. It is considered speculative fiction and has anything that could be considered fantasy or science-fiction. Some of the books could also be considered under other classifications –young adult, romance, etc– so don’t rule them out without checking them out.

For Musa – Other, this will be any books I edit for Musa that fall outside of the Urania brand. This doesn’t happen very often, in fact it has only happened once thus far where I was given an author from a different imprint. Nevertheless, I’m creating a section for the possibility of more to come.

With Musa – Sorrow, this is a serial that has a current count of twelve books *cough* I mean eleven books with at least one more that is currently going through the editorial process. This line is expected to have a few more to follow…

I will be sure to update each section every time the books I’ve worked with become available, so be sure to check back every month!


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