Regencies and Netflix


When I was a teenager I used to read a lot of regency romances. I think this was because my introduction to adult novels was from perusing my mom’s bookshelf and finding a handful of Signet Regencies in her mostly nonfiction collection. As you know, a desperate bookworm will go to any length to acquire a new novel to read!

So it was those regencies that got my dreamy-eyed self hooked on historicals and thus began my journey as a romance reader. I loved the balls and the etiquette and the chivalry of gentleman… all things missing from the daily life of a high schooler. Eventually I moved out of the historical phase, but every once in a while I would pick up a book to fall back into the glittering social whirl of the marriage market.

Now despite the fact I haven’t read a historical novel in ages —probably not since I started travelling five years ago— I was super excited to hear that the Bridgerton series was being adapted for a new Netflix show next year.

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Reading Retreat

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 11.05.39 PM.pngYou know how people go on weekend retreats? Well, there is one for booklovers too. My jaw literally dropped and I was all “Yes, I need that!” (even though I technically don’t). From what I gather, a handful of people go to this farmhouse and just read, then talk about their books over dinner. Quite often one book is chosen in advance so everyone has time to read it before/during the retreat to discuss it together.

At first I thought, if you really need to get away from your family that badly just to get a little reading time in there must be something wrong. But then I realized you may want to have a romantic bookish weekend away with your significant other rather than you are wanting to run away from them. That children don’t comprehend “me-time” and how a little personal space is necessary for keeping one’s sanity. And bosses sometimes don’t get “time off” means you should not be on call 24/7. The world has got to learn we bibliophiles need to rejuvenate our energy stores through reading, so don’t bug us!

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