And so a book blog begins…

This is my book review blog. I intend to fill it with (the obvious) book reviews, author tours, memes, contests… and anything else I can think of related to books!

Who would have thought an arbitrary decision to click on a twitter link to a book blogger chat would lead to this?  What I thought would be a some-what ordinary discussion about books was actually so much more…

For a readaholic like myself, meeting people from all over the world who actually want to discuss favourite books is pretty spectacular. Even my classmates, all of whom want careers in the book or magazine industry don’t tend to just sit down and talk about our latest reads.

To me, authors are right up there with movie stars when it comes to celebrity. I almost think I am more in awe of the writer’s craft than I am at actors; actors say what they’re told, while writers have to come up with the perfect words and perfect characters. Though one of my professors is an author and the fact I had a brief two second meeting with Kelley Armstrong, I’ve never been overly exposed to authors other than following them on twitter. So when I happened to join the blogger chat on a night when four authors came on the chat, I was just about ready to give my best fan-girl SQUEEEEE!

I don’t recall if it was that first chat, or one of the subsequent chats over the course of the week, but I was asked if I would be interested in starting a writing group with another blogger, preternaturalprimer. I do like to write (if I didn’t, it would be a little silly of me to be starting a review blog), yet my main goal is to help other would-be authors go from working on their first draft to being ready to send their manuscript off to acquisition departments and literary agents. Already our group has grown from a handful of people to over a dozen!

It did not take very long for all those lovely bloggers to convince me that I just had to start my own book review blog. They have slowly been teaching me about making a website (thanks so much, Peep!), explaining what the heck a meme is, and just showing me around the world of book bloggers. Not to mention all the #FF love on Twitter (big *hugs*)

Now, my book blog is still “under construction” so to speak as I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of wordpress and the like, but I’ll soon make it live even if it isn’t quite finished yet. Be prepared for changes over the first few weeks, but, for now, I will keep my contest page as updated as I can with any giveaways I happen to find.

Come back soon!