Bookish Thoughts

Just bookish thoughts and other goings on.

Making a Difference –> Reading Foundations
House of Random –> Visit to Random House Canada
How to Publicize a Book –> a behind the scenes look
YA Evolution Revelation –> comparing past and present YA novels
Internship Interviews –> what you can expect
Internship Update –> the results of my interviews
Intern –> first day as an intern
First Week –> tips for surviving an internship
First Month –> responsibilities of an intern
Book Request Form –> what you need when asking for an ARC
Author & Intern –> a day with Susie Moloney
Kiddie Query –> getting a query from a child
What does an editor do –> types of editors
What Your Kids are Reading Part1 –> Banning vs Ratings
What Your Kids are Reading Part2 –> How to Discuss Books with Your Children
What Your Kids are Reading Part3 –> How to Use Books to Learn About Your Teenager
What Your Kids are Reading Part4 –> How to Discuss Books with Your Troublesome Teen
Male vs Female Authors –> comparing writing styles
Childhood Books Revisited –> book/movie comparison
What’s In A Name? –> when a title doesn’t fit the story
Meeting Kelley Armstrong Part 1 –> local author reading
Meeting Kelley Armstrong Part 2 –> how she got started writing YA
Meeting Kelley Armstrong Part 3 –> about her new series
Meeting Kelley Armstrong Part 4 –> Q&A session
Meeting Kelley Armstrong Part 5 –> Bitten book to show
Meeting Kelley Armstrong Part 6 –> the missing third “darkest” trilogy
Book Boyfriends Flirt Better –> noticing IRL vs fictional signs of attraction
Pop Goes Bookstagram –> funkopops and bookstagram
Learning Life Lessons From Fiction –> stop being the DUFF
Tea for Two –> hosting a book-themed tea party
That’s My Plan –> the little picture, not the big one
Bookish Merchandise –> all the things