Resolution Update – July

newyearsresolution_stockAt the beginning of the year I always have good intentions to jumpstart my life and do all the things I meant to do the year before but never actually got around to. This year I plotted and planned and charted with the hope I would find a way to finally get things done. I now have a schedule, tick off my daily and monthly To-Do lists, and intend to use my blog to hold myself accountable and keep motivated. I have dreams and aspirations, so there is no time like the present to achieve them!

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Book Review: The (Fri)End Zone by Sariah Wilson

friendzoneSynopsis: Logan Hunt was offered the opportunity of a lifetime that would allow him to escape the poverty he grew up in. He was given a football scholarship. There was a catch, though, and one of the many rules he had to follow was ‘no women’. It wouldn’t have been a problem if he hadn’t met the coach’s daughter Jess. Falling for her would not only get him kicked off the team, but could completely derail his future. So, for now, he had no choice but to be in the friend zone… Continue reading “Book Review: The (Fri)End Zone by Sariah Wilson”

Teaser Tuesday (tFEZ)

The (Fri)end Zone by Sariah Wilson

Triangles were already my least favourite shape, and I had no intention of being part of one. Even an imaginary one, since neither guy had actually expressed any interest me. I was a one-fantasy-crush-at-a-time kind of girl.

Only zombies like girls for their brain.

“Maybe she’s telling him she got sorted into Slytherin House?
And with him being such a Hufflepuff, they’ll never be together.”


Special Post!

july16perfect dateQ

Today is a special day for me so, despite the fact I am sick in bed right now, I decided to celebrate in the only way I can. I will be posting throughout the course of the day, both here and in my stories on my bookstagram account jk.booklover  to commemorate the occasion!

I am going to start things off with a riddle:
Do you know what this scene from Miss Congeniality and the photo of a bookish tea party I had with Marie ( ramblingsofadaydreamer )  have in common? 

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Return of the Blog

Hello, my lovelies!

I have had a bit of a shock recently. A few months back an acquaintance helped me set up my blog with its own website, domain name, and all that techie-type stuff. I was slowly working on getting it as close as I could to how I’d always envisioned it, but then had to take some time away. I was not worried because I had all these posts and reviews set to automatically go live, so y’all would still get weekly content.

However, when I was able to come back to my blog, I could not find it. My website was just gone. My new logo, my carefully-crafted posts, its entire existence had simply disappeared. I honestly have no idea what happened and do not even know how to go about finding out, but I can only blame myself for not taking better care of my blog.

Instead of dwelling on it, I have decided to return to where my book review blog began and pick up where I left off… sort of. I still plan to post reviews of the books I read and hopefully write other thought-provoking content too, but I may make some tweaks and adjustments. So in all reality, there is a silver lining to all that happened. I now have room to reevaluate and hopefully evolve into something even better than I’d been.

Maybe someday my book review website dreams will come true, but I guess my time simply is not now. Thank you for your patience and for sticking with me all this time.