Meeting Kelley Armstrong: Part One

This will be a six part series so I can share what I learned with you!
Most photos will be courtesy of Marie Landry. 

katalkWhen a friend of mine told me that Kelley Armstrong was going to be at our local library I couldn’t believe it. Literally. For the life of me I could not figure out why she would be coming to our tiny town… Okay, it’s a fair-sized city of fifty thousand, but considering my university had more people I think it is rather small. Nevertheless, it was being promoted all over the library and was even up on KA’s website on her appearances page. I had no choice, but to believe… especially when I saw her myself standing before me.

Our library doesn’t open until 9:30am on Saturdays and KA wasn’t to arrive until 11:30, yet people were already arriving for prime seating and the hope of meeting KA before the event started. The librarian in charge of the event said never before had people come two hours before an author was to arrive, and they’d never had so many people more chairs had to be added. We’d already gone into the overflow, and by the time the event started there was standing room only at the back and sides of the room.

With me at the library was my cousin, Jennah, who had found a love of books with KA’s Darkest Powers trilogy; the aforementioned friend who I hadn’t seen since high school and I now act as one of her editors, Marie Landry; and a friend of Marie’s from university, Michelle of the awesome Irish last name.  While Marie was smart enough to bring her camera—much better than my cell phone with that lighting—I was the dork with the notepad and pen who was taking notes. I’ll try to share with you all I learned, but it may be a bit disjointed and won’t be verbatim.

KA blames her love of the paranormal not on it being a taboo topic in her household, but because she grew up on Scooby doo cartoons. She always had a fascination with mythologies and could often be found in the reference section of her own library looking this up as she was growing up.

Her Otherworld book Bitten came about due to watching an episode of the X Files, the only werewolf show that was from the first season. It had the typical full-moon man-beast, and KA thought of how she would have done things differently. After that she researched wolf behaviour, because her werewolves were actually part wolf and would have wolf characteristics even when human.

Bitten was the first book she published, but not the first book she ever wrote. There were three other novels prior that, ones she says will never see the light of day because they were so horrible. Not that she realized they were horrible then, but as she gained more skills in writing it became obvious just how bad they were.

As a side note: the last book of the Otherworld series was called Thirteen because it was the thirteenth book and they had “run out of titles”.

Because her Otherworld series has been so popular it was picked up to be a TV show called Bitten, which was filmed this past (or maybe last?) summer. It is to be shown on the Space channel and was to be aired earlier, but the American Sci-Fi channel also wanted it. Now the two channels are now coordinating a release date for the thirteen episodes already filmed.

For fans of this series who want more books of the Otherworld, you don’t have to despair because KA plans to keep writing a novella each year set in this world. Also, all of her novellas are being put into three new compilation books, which will consist of about 60-70% of her old novellas and the rest new stories being written.