Books I’ve read

I have found that I like tracking what books I have read over the course of the year. It is no longer about reaching a certain goal of so many books read over 365 days, but more about knowing the titles of the books I’ve read, what authors I liked, and which series or novels to make note of for future purchase.

It also lets me know what phases I go through –what genre, what authors, what publishing company, what subjects, what theme, etc– indicating what was of interest at certain times in my life.  Who knew how much your reading tastes say about you?

I am not going to post links for this, as there are and will be a lot. Just hover over the “Books Read” in the menu bar and you’ll see each year. I have read more books than I review, so if you really want to know what else I have read you can find it there. I have listed the title or series and author, plus sometime the genre too.

While it is not the prettiest or most comprehensive list, it gets the job done. I definitely need to think about restructuring future lists though as I actually would like to see the aforementioned phases at a glance rather than having to look each book up. Any suggestions for how I should do that?


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