Review: Fall With Me by J. Lynn

fall with mePlot: I was glad to have a book about Roxy, the supershort and bespectacled bartender who befriended Calla in the previous novel. This story was a little predictable, or perhaps the clues were just very clear as to what would happen next. However this novel makes you think about not just hate crimes, but that we should all pause before doing or saying something in anger as it may have an unexpected result we never anticipated or wanted.

Cover: I adore all of the covers for this companion series, but none more than this one. How often do you see books where either character has glasses? As someone who wears them myself, I love it!

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Review: Stay With Me by J. Lynn

stay with me

Plot: Calla has to deal with the fallout of her mother’s substance abuse and that alone would be difficult, but this novel takes the story to action-movie levels rather than being entirely believable. However, taking this story to the extremes makes it a bit more palatable as it is hard to face the reality that people like these characters do exist outside the pages of a book.

Setting: This novel moves the series away from the college campus in West Virginia to Calla’s hometown. It works wonderfully for the story, but after a quick peak it seems the next few books take place in this town near Philadelphia rather than returning to the school.

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Review: Be With Me by J. Lynn

be with mePlot: This novel deals with teenage parenthood, abuse, and death. I never realized how serious JLA’s books can be until I started this series. These are things that young readers deal with in reality, and it is important for that to be reflected in literature in a way that is sympathetic rather than filled with unrealistic dramatic angst.

Setting: This novel also takes place in Shepherdstown where the main characters attend university. I have no notion if this is a real place, but it is apparently in West Virginia.

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Review: Wait for You by J. Lynn

wait for youPlot: This story deals with rape from the perspective of someone who did not press charges. It really makes you realize there are many reasons why a person may not want to speak up –thinking no one will believe you, parental pressure, not wanting to have to repeat your story over and over again to strangers… Also, trying to just deal with the fact it happened and trying to move on from the tragedy in order to live your life instead of merely surviving.

Author: The author writes under two names — J Lynn for her new adult and adult novels or Jennifer L Armentrout for her young adult books. It makes sense so that readers who are too young for some topics do not pick up such a book by accident while expecting hot sixteen year old aliens or some such.

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