Bookish Thoughts: Cleaning My Closet – off season storage


Do you put clothes into storage when the seasons change?

This is where Marie Kondo and Anuschka Rees differ. The author of The Curated Closet says to store away your autumn/winter clothes in spring and to tuck aside your spring/summer items in autumn, while KonMari method says to just keep it all in your closet. Personally, I do not know a single person who actually does store “off-season” clothing. Whether this is because I haven’t any rich friends or because we’re all Canadian, I don’t know. Continue reading “Bookish Thoughts: Cleaning My Closet – off season storage”

My Bookish Life: Cleaning My Closet – shop ‘til you drop

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I have not even finished reading The Curated Closet and it has already made a difference on my shopping habits. Ordinarily I’d go to the mall and wander from store to store, randomly browsing. I’d look through the racks, flipping hangers, checking out things until I got bored with it. Try on whatever was in my hand and decide whether something looked “good enough” to buy or not. In a couple of hours of shopping, I would likely have a handful of shopping bags full of stuff. Continue reading “My Bookish Life: Cleaning My Closet – shop ‘til you drop”

Book Review: The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

The-Curated-closet-WorkbookSYNOPSIS: This fashion guide is a fascinatingly strategic approach to identifying, refining, and expressing personal style and building the wardrobe to match it.  You will learn how to shop smarter and more selectively, make the most of your budget, master outfit formulas and colour palettes, tweak your wardrobe for work, as well as assess garment fit and quality like a pro. This book will help you create a unique look you love, and ensures you always have something to wear that is authentically you. Continue reading “Book Review: The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees”

My Bookish Life: Tidying Up – glass houses

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“The urge to point out someone else’s failure to tidy is usually a sign
that you are neglecting to take care of your own space.”

My dad has what can be loosely termed as a home office in the basement. I say this because his hobby room (aka The Bear Den”) has now overflowed into the room where he keeps his books and his computer. Both rooms are nearly impossible to walk in and stuff is piled up nearly to the ceiling. I am half tempted to call him a hoarder, but the truth is I think he just doesn’t declutter. Continue reading “My Bookish Life: Tidying Up – glass houses”

My Bookish Life: Tidying Up – being a book hoarder

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“The degree of difficulty involved in selecting what to keep and what to discard differs greatly depending on the category. People who get stuck halfway usually do so because they start with the things that are hardest to make decisions about.”

Of the many times I have tried to get my possessions tidied up, one thing continually caused me to halt in my tracks: books. I love to read and have always dreamed of having a personal library of my own. Every time I went to organize my novels the sheer volume alone was daunting, but the idea of getting rid of any was far worse. If you’re trying to build a library it just doesn’t make sense to get rid of anything, right? And it is best to have a good variety, so my friends can borrow books when they visit too… Continue reading “My Bookish Life: Tidying Up – being a book hoarder”