Book Review: Omens by Kelley Armstrong

omenskaSynopsis: Olivia Taylor Jones has the perfect life. At twenty-four she can boast of wealthy parents, an ivy league education, and a handsome fiance with political ambitions… at least until she finds out she was adopted. When Olivia discovers that her birth parents are notorious serial killers, she decides to find out the truth about the Larsons. Meeting up with her mother’s former lawyer, Olivia starts to investigate what really happened and finds herself drawing on abilities that make her both a valuable asset and vulnerable to her enemies. The dark secrets lurk in the shadows have their own plans for Olivia.

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Omens by Kelley Armstrong

A town filled with gargoyles. Must be well protected.

The power to innately detect and decipher omens was a strange skill, one that most psychics would deny even existed.


As anyone who has been following my blog for at least the past couple of months, you will have seen my six part series based on an appearance Kelley Armstrong made at my local library. I took notes for most of the event just so I could share all I learned with you!

I was really lucky and was given this adorable tote bag signed by KA featuring the covers of the Cainsville books —the first novel of which, Omens, came out this past summer. I now use it for whenever I need to take my books back to the library, so it worked out well!


KA also signed everyone’s books… as many as we brought! This made me regret only bringing two books *LOL* Apparently there is normally a two-book limit as KA’s audience tends to be quite large, but for any smaller groups she will sign as many as her fans have brought with them.

BUT there was something else I got signed with all of you in mind… KA had some bookmarks available for whomever wished them and I snagged a couple. So now I am going to hold a giveaway for the signed KA bookmark depicting a werewolf from the upcoming novella Brazen. When discussing the cover art for this story the designer jokingly suggested the character be wearing a Team Jacob shirt and KA said “Sure!” It is not the cover, but it did become the bookmark!

Along with this lovely signed artwork, there will also be a Darkest Powers bookmark featuring cartoon characters from the novel, plus two other bookmarks I received from other authors: Amarok by Angela J Townsend and Perfection by JL Spelbring.


This contest is open to followers in Canada or the USA. In order to enter you must leave a comment on this post about why you love Kelley Armstrong books. If you also add in your comment the link(s) of  your tweet and/or facebook post about this contest,  you’ll get a bonus entry.


All of your names will go in this lovely… okay, rather battered faux top hat (Don’t ask, it was part of a bridal shower game). The winner’s name will be pulled by whomever happens to be visiting me on my birthday, which is Friday December 20th and will be announced the following day.

You have just five days to enter… and go!


Meeting Kelley Armstrong: Part Six

A couple of months ago my local library was having Kelley Armstrong come in to talk about her new books, do a Q&A session, and sign a lot of books! I took notes (nerd that I am) and have created this six part series in order to share what I learned with you. This is a continuation of the Questions and Answer segment where all of us fangirls pestered Kelley Armstrong about all the things we wanted to know. 

Pics 006Even though this event was supposed to introduce KA’s new Cainsville series, I think there was only one question about it. The girl was asking if there was any tie-in to KA’s other books in this new series (considering you could really see a connection between the Otherworld series with the Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising trilogies). She said yes and no; there were fun mentions that had absolutely no significance that would give her old readers an “in joke” but not affect the story. Things like a character having a name pulled from two from another book, etc.

KA was asked if any of her main characters were like her, and she said that all of her main characters had something in common that acted as a conduit for her to latch on to. Elena, the werewolf in Bitten, was of a similar age and grew up in Ontario. From The Summoning, Chloe’s last name is the same as KA’s high school, and she also has a stutter. Chloe’s friend Simon has juvenile diabetes like KA’s son (though the two boys are not similar in any other way).

That’s when I really lucked out and was chosen to ask my question…

See, I had gone to Word on the Street whenever I could while living in Toronto, and just around the time that The Gathering came out KA said that she was signed on to do third trilogy of this YA world. But during her talk she had mentioned that she wrapped up all her old series and needed to start something new. I was expecting and looking forward to three more books, and just had to know what KA meant. Did she already write them and they were awaiting publication or did they get canceled or what exactly?

When asked, KA said that it was true, but there was one small problem… She had planned from the start that the second trilogy, Darkest Powers, would focus on a second project, and had intended to do a third either the two groups meeting up or perhaps be about a third project.

Except when the second trilogy came out there was an uproar by some of the readers (more specifically American teens rather than older readers or Canadians) who were unhappy with the new project and new main characters, and refused to read her books until KA brought back Chloe.

After discussing it with the publisher, they agreed to hold off on the third trilogy and for KA to focus on something new. While she could have done some random adventures of either of the groups, KA didn’t really want to as she would much rather be able to write a cohesive trilogy. Now she is going to wait for the characters of that series to get a little more mature (and maybe older?) before possibly going back to them.

However, KA did tell us that she will have a novella around Chloe that will be posted on her website as she writes it sometime next year. It will stay up for a couple of months before being taken down, edited, and formatted for sales. So keep an eye out for it and other works on her website to get ‘em not only in advance but for free!


Meeting Kelley Armstrong: Part Three

A couple of weeks ago my local library was having Kelley Armstrong come in to talk about her new books, do a Q&A session, and sign a lot of books! I took notes (nerd that I am) and have created this six part series in order to share what I learned with you.

KAjennahNow KA has two new series started.  The Cainsville series had its first book published this past summer, Omens. It’s about Olivia, a twenty-four year old, who finds out she’s adopted and her birthparents were serial killers. This series will have a bit of the mystical, but more the portents and second-sight type of stuff rather than paranormal creatures, and is based on a Welsh myth.

When teaching a workshop, KA found out that one of her students was working on a story rooted in the same Welsh myth that Omens is based on. KA had already finished writing it and was awaiting publication, and had to tell her student about it. There is sometimes the fear between students and teachers in writing classes that someone will think the other stole their idea.

KA has attended and taught writing workshops, and one of her stories came out of one due to a lot of new writers worry about originality and not copying other authors’ ideas. She said you really don’t need to focus on that because your own voice, your plot choices, your characters, and all that you do will make your story different.

The book Four Summoner’s Tales was written by four different authors who were given the same premise: A stranger comes to town offering to raise the townsfolk’s dearly departed from the dead for a price…  but had four very different results  (description taken from Goodreads, but I’m pretty sure it was also what KA had told us today verbatim).

The other new series that is in the works is called Age of Legends. This is an epic fantasy rooted in medieval Japanese culture. Its first book is called “Sea of Shadows” and will be coming out April 2014… though one lucky reader got an advanced copy!