Book Review: The Surgeon’s Fatherhood Surprise by Jennifer Taylor

The Surgeon’s Fatherhood Surprise by Jennifer TaylorSynopsis: Bachelor Jack Tremayne got the surprise of his life when he found out he was a father. Giving up his party-boy life, Jack returns to his hometown for family support in his new single parent life. He soon has the added complication of falling for his neighbour, single-mother Alison Myers.

Author: Jennifer Taylor has written over 50 medical novels with Mills & Boon, a partnered company of Harlequin based in England where Jennifer lives. She started writing for Mills & Boon with their Tender Romance line, but soon switched to writing medical romances as well.

Plot: The story had real potential but seemed as thought it could have been a little “deeper” in emotion and theme. Jack spends very little time with his son, Freddie, and more time thinking about Alison though he claims he needs to focus on Freddie.

Character: I would have liked to see more of Freddie as he is the reason that Jack has moved back home and tries to avoid falling for Alison. Much of the scenes involving Freddie are of Jack trying to find him a babysitter or taking him to the nursery; rarely does Jack seem to spend time with Freddie unless Alison is also there.

Character Development: It didn’t feel as though the characters changed at all. It is implied that Jack has adjusted his life-style, but that happens before the book takes place. All the characters remained fairly static throughout the novel other than Jack and Alison giving into falling in love at the end, without it affecting who they are as people.

Location: It is quite obvious that the story takes place in the United Kingdom, right up to the point where it becomes a bit of a problem. There is a way to balance a sense of place without making the reader seem like an outsider. There were some British-ism that confuse to the point it pulls your attention from the book just trying to figure out what things mean.

Quote: “Life is all black and white at their age, isn’t it? There’s no grey bits.”

The Verdict: Unless you really like medical romances, give this one a pass. The only thing this novel has going for it are the scenes involving the hospital with Jack treating the patients. There are well written, believable, and enjoyable surgical scenes, which almost make up for the lack of “family” that the book’s back-copy implied.

What would you do if you found yourself suddenly responsible for a child? 



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Jack had been dreading the long drive to Cornwall and it had been every bit as bad as he feared. Freddie had cried, non-stop, for hours…

If Jack had kissed her then she would have kissed him back, and to hell with the consequences.



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