Book Review: The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

risingkaSynopsis: In the final book of the Darkness Rising trilogy things are getting desperate. Maya and her friends are being hunted and all they have is a name for someone who might be able to give them some answers. Maya isn’t sure she’s ready to learn the secret truths that await her, but has no choice but to face her demons. After all, no one can run forever.

Plot: The story picks up shortly after the second book ends, and then keeps your adrenaline pumping with more captures and escapes and fighting. You can’t stop reading from start to finish, because you just have to know what will happen as each plot point leads into the next.

Location: This story has some serious travel going on. The previous books had a lot of movement, but stayed on a single island. This one not only crosses provincial lines, but national one’s too. Starting in British Colombia in Canada and making their way south to Pennsylvania before heading northwards again into Ontario.

Romance: Love triangles tend to be inevitable it seems in YA novels. In this case it was so well written the “love” for two people barely overlaps, while still overlapping for the entire trilogy. Now that takes some talent!


Memorable Moment: It isn’t much, but this tiny portion of a scene really stood out for me. When the kids of both groups meet for the first time you expect it to be “interesting”, but it wasn’t their introduction per se that struck me. Rather it was the brief moment where werewolf and skin-walker faced off, each “protecting” their respective significant other. Their stand off/stare off may be the highlight of this novel for me.

Character: The kids from the previous trilogy, the Darkest Powers, make an appearance. I only had a vague recollection of them, and this novel reintroduces them as minor characters. They weren’t nearly as interesting as Maya and the phoenix project kids, but it isn’t the genesis project’s trilogy so that’s okay. I also loved how some characters form the Otherworld series show up, too. It makes me wish I paid more attention when reading those to have a firmer grasp of the tie-in. Had I missed mention of these two project kids in those too?

Ponderings: I heard a rumour there would be three more books to finish off this YA series. I was told it was yet to be decided if those final books would have a third project group or if they would be about combining the two groups. Seeing as the projects meet up towards the end of this book, I’d think the to-be trilogy is likely to consist of only these two groups. However, it was also being looked into how to “expand the dating pool” of these teens, so there is a chance the third group could be brought in and may fulfill that role—however inadvertently.

Quote: That’s the way it works in the world, Maya. The good guys have ideals; the bad guys have cash and firepower.

Verdict: Loved it! Finally “finished” the trilogy, and getting the resolution that would drive you crazy if you have to wait much longer for it. The characters are great, developed into real people for all that they are supernatural. I hope the final trilogy further delves into how these kids could or will fit into the supernatural realm.