Book Review: Still The One by Robin Wells

stillSynopsis: Katie never got over the death of her husband and the loss of ever having a family of her own. Two years later the boy she loved when she was seventeen came back to town along with the daughter Katie gave up for adoption. Zack Ferguson had never forgotten Kate, and never knew about Gracie until she came to him for help. Her adoptive parents had died, her aunt didn’t want to deal with her, and she was pregnant. Zack hoped Katie could help, but can she ever forgive him for leaving and can he ever learn how to love. Continue reading “Book Review: Still The One by Robin Wells”

Teaser Tuesday: Still The One by Robin Wells

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Still The One by Robin Wells

No one ever told her that grief was a series of little, cutting losses that nicked her heart every day.

“I’ve always been wise. You’ve just been too much of a wiseass to notice.”

Katie didn’t believe he really didn’t believe, but she believed he believed he didn’t believe.

Katie’s late husband used to say that her face was half angel, half pixie, and that she couldn’t muster a stern look if her life depended on it.

Nothing good ever comes from bad intentions.