Happy Birthday!

Thank you to all who participated in my Birthday Giveaway!

Now is the moment you have all been waiting for…


The winner for “There is No Dog” is:

The winner for “Icing on the Lake” is:

You have 24 hours to reply or the prize will be redrawn for.

Giveaway Post: Birthday Giveaway

Birthday Giveaway


That is right, my birthday is this month and in honour of my turning a (lamentable) year older means that you will be getting a present. I adore birthdays so much that I am going to give away some books to share some of the love!

The actual draw will take place on December 20th, and winners will be announced on my blog. Then you will have 48 hours to reply or there will be a redraw for that giveaway.

The prizes are as follows:

There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff
This book is provided by Random House of Canada, the fabulous publisher I interned at over the summer. This work of fiction is about God… except he is a gorgeous nineteen-year-old boy who is lazy, impulsive, and causes natural disasters when he falls in love. Which he does quite often. It’s crazy, darkly humorous, and has an Eck.

 Icing on the Lake by Catherine Clark
These Avon rom-com type teen romances were my first foray into teen fiction once YA was considered a genre, and this book is basically a “beach read for snow bunnies”! Kirsten is a teen who is trying to survive the winter holiday with her physcho sister and toddler nephew, attempting to learn how to ice skate, and trying to find a date.

*** If the giveaway reaches 28 eligible entries*** 
There will be a bonus draw for a surprise gift made by me!

Read the following rules carefully before entering the giveaway.

1.) The giveaway ends on December 19th and all entries must be made no later than 11:59 pm eastern time.

2.) You may only leave one comment on this post.

3.) Tell me something about your own birthday. It can be anything from a best or worst memory of birthdays past, a book you would like to be given for your birthday, a tradition you have for your birthday celebration, even whether or not you like your birthday and why.

3.)  You are not limited to just one choice, but can enter for all available prizes. Just be sure to include in your comment which prizes you are interested in winning. Say either all the books or indicate by title, and whether you want to be entered into the bonus giveaway.

4.) Promote my birthday giveaway. You can do so on facebook via status update and including the link to my blog.  Tweeting: “Happy Birthday, @JaiKaies! Enter her birthday giveaway” and include the link. Making a post on your book blog dedicated to my birthday giveaway. Once having done any or all these things, please put the URL(s) in your comment. If you do more than one method of promoting my giveaway, you will gain an extra entry into the prize(s) of your choice.

5.) Make sure I have your email address so, should you win, I can contact you to make arrangements to give you your prize.

This contest is only open to Canada and the USA.

Simple Smile Saturday

Unless I am reading a book, and even then, I have trouble sitting still. Oh, I’ll still be lost in the world of words, but should you check on me every fifteen minutes or so I may be lying about this or that way, sitting against the wall or against some form of furniture, I might even be upside-down!

So whenever I am watching a movie or on a long car trip or even stuck visiting with with family members being seen-and-not-heard like any good offspring, I will pull out my latest crochet project to keep me occupied. I usually make people their birthday or Christmas gifts, such as throw blankets and pillow covers, ponchos and slippers, book covers and cute little creatures.

If you read my book review yesterday on There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff, you will have noticed that I had a bit more trouble than usual concentrating on the novel and had found it much more interesting to create my own version of an Eck.

Well, here is the Eck I crocheted:

It isn’t exactly as I pictured an Eck to look like. In fact I more imagined stumpy little elephant-like legs, but the trouble with that was trying to get an Eck to stay standing on said limbs so Eck ended up with penguin feet.

My little Eck may not be perfect, but it sure makes me smile!

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Book Review: There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

Synopsis:  God is a nineteen-year-old boy who ‘s real name is Bob. He was given the job of creating and maintaining earth with the hope he would grow into the position, but hasn’t. Bob is still like any other teenage boy with a short attention span, little forethought, and an obsession with girls. Whenever Bob falls in “love” disaster follows.  Unfortunately, Bob met Lucy…

Author: Meg Rosoff is an award-winning novelist who lives in London, England. Her first young adult novel was published the same week she was diagnosed with cancer. That novel has been optioned for a film and is currently in pre-production.

Writing Style: Advise students are always given is to “show not tell”, yet this book seemed a little more on the “tell” side of things. The story seemed to stay very on the surface of the action, rarely ever creating an emotional risk or development in the characters.

Point of View: The story switched between most of the characters in the novel, sometimes quite suddenly with no indication of the coming change.

Plot:  This book reminded me of flipping through channels on a television. You see tidbits of various characters and their life without ever finding the depth to them or what is happening.

Location: This novel takes place everywhere and nowhere. It does not specifically say where the people are living, other than on earth. Nor am I certain where Bob lives –on earth, in heaven, or somewhere in between. Occasionally, there are scenes from other unknown places in the universe, including a gambling hall.

Character: It doesn’t say much for the novel when you favourite character is someone’s pet.  Eck is the last of his kind, a creature with intelligence and feeling and even a sense of humour. Eck is treated rather abysmally by nearly everyone and, oddly enough, is the only character that the reader feels for.

Romance: Bob’s idea of love is taking the stereotypical teenage boy’s lust to the extreme end of the spectrum, which makes things a bit more humorous and drives what little action there is due to the side effects of his obsession with Lucy.  The readers spends most of the novel hoping Bob learns how to love, and through this becomes a proper “God” that would benefit earth.

Quote: Life’s pleasures were so simple, really. It was all a matter of appreciating what you had –and knowing that things could always be worse.

The Verdict: It is an interesting novel that, I feel, did not live up to its full potential; I was expecting something a little more “Joan of Arcadia” (tv show) with emotional depth and humour. I was far more interested in making my own Eck, than reading the book.

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W.W.W. Wednesday (Oct-4)

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading.  All you have to do is answer these 3 questions: 

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What did you recently finish reading?

3. What do you think you’ll read next?


I am reading “Shut Out” by Kody Keplinger
I am finished reading “There is No Dog” by Meg Rosoff
I am next reading “Blue Sky Days” by Marie Landry (revised manuscript)

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Waiting on Wednesday (July-4)

Earlier this past week I had to do a mailing for a book coming out in August. As per usual, I had to read the press kit to see what the book was about and discovered it reminded me a bit of an old TV show I used to love called Joan of Arcadia.

There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

I was kind of hoping that there would be some extra books so that I could maybe beg to read one, but sadly there wasn’t enough. My boss, whom I seriously question if he is secretly an ex-student of Hogwarts, managed to acquire enough books around the building to finish the mailing. So now I have to wait along with everyone else for this book to hit the shelves…

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