Sheikh, Children’s Doctor… Husband by Meredith Webber

sheikhSynopsis: Alexandra Conroy is a doctor and could not allow her patient, Samarah, to travel without medical supervision. Alex found herself in Al Janeen living in the royal palace until she felt the Sheik’s mother no longer needed her help. During her stay, an earthquake hits and causes destruction to a desert village. Alex and Sheikh Azzam hurry to help the villagers, but to protect their honour the pair must marry. Can this temporary arrangement possible become one that is a little less temporary?

Author: Meredith Webber lives in Australia and has written over fifty romance novels. Over ten years ago she saw that Harlequin was looking for medical-based novels and decided to take up the challenge. She gave herself a couple of years to see if she could get published, and found that it wouldn’t take nearly that long. She has been writing, mostly medical romances, ever since.

Cover: I haven’t seen a lot of medical romance books, particularly since Harlequin’s redesign. The model is rather good looking with captivating eyes, but the “bellyband” which contains the title, author, and brand cut through the man’s face. It would have been better to lower the stripe a bit more so as not ruin the photo. And speaking of the title, it could definitely have been improved upon.

Writing Style: An Australian in the Arabian Desert could mean some confusion for a North American with unfamiliar phraseology and spellings, but there were few Australian colloquialisms and the unusually spelt names were still pronounceable.

Romance: The relationship between Alexandra and Azzam was gradual, albeit within a short timeframe. They had an immediate attraction, but each had obligations and obstacles they felt stood in the way. When they finally admitted their love to themselves and each other, it seemed right rather than rushed.

Quote: Here I was thinking that the worst thing that could happen was another earth tremor and the mountain could fall on us, but now you tell me a very large and probably hungry [leopard] could carry me off into the night!

I have to stop laughing but you must admit it’s funny. Here I am, given a choice of facing a stray leopard on my own or marrying a prince, and I’m dithering over it. Marriage or a leopard –it’s really not a choice.

The Verdict: A cute read, particularly for those who enjoy medical romances, sheiks, marriages of convenience, and scheming exes.






Book Review: The Surgeon’s Fatherhood Surprise by Jennifer Taylor

The Surgeon’s Fatherhood Surprise by Jennifer TaylorSynopsis: Bachelor Jack Tremayne got the surprise of his life when he found out he was a father. Giving up his party-boy life, Jack returns to his hometown for family support in his new single parent life. He soon has the added complication of falling for his neighbour, single-mother Alison Myers.

Author: Jennifer Taylor has written over 50 medical novels with Mills & Boon, a partnered company of Harlequin based in England where Jennifer lives. She started writing for Mills & Boon with their Tender Romance line, but soon switched to writing medical romances as well.

Plot: The story had real potential but seemed as thought it could have been a little “deeper” in emotion and theme. Jack spends very little time with his son, Freddie, and more time thinking about Alison though he claims he needs to focus on Freddie.

Character: I would have liked to see more of Freddie as he is the reason that Jack has moved back home and tries to avoid falling for Alison. Much of the scenes involving Freddie are of Jack trying to find him a babysitter or taking him to the nursery; rarely does Jack seem to spend time with Freddie unless Alison is also there.

Character Development: It didn’t feel as though the characters changed at all. It is implied that Jack has adjusted his life-style, but that happens before the book takes place. All the characters remained fairly static throughout the novel other than Jack and Alison giving into falling in love at the end, without it affecting who they are as people.

Location: It is quite obvious that the story takes place in the United Kingdom, right up to the point where it becomes a bit of a problem. There is a way to balance a sense of place without making the reader seem like an outsider. There were some British-ism that confuse to the point it pulls your attention from the book just trying to figure out what things mean.

Quote: “Life is all black and white at their age, isn’t it? There’s no grey bits.”

The Verdict: Unless you really like medical romances, give this one a pass. The only thing this novel has going for it are the scenes involving the hospital with Jack treating the patients. There are well written, believable, and enjoyable surgical scenes, which almost make up for the lack of “family” that the book’s back-copy implied.

What would you do if you found yourself suddenly responsible for a child? 


Book Review: Summer Seaside Wedding by Abigail Gordon

Synopsis: It was supposed to be Amelie Benoir’s wedding day, but when she found her fiancé in bed with another woman, Amelie called off the engagement. Instead, on that day, Amelie was arriving in Bluebell Cove to work at a local medical practice for six months. Leo Fenchurch, one of the other doctors, was the first person she met and so he felt responsible for her happiness… but does that include romance?

Author: Abigail Gordon has written three previous novels in her Bluebell Cove series. While this series of books is set in Devon, Abigail lives in Cheshire Village. Her son works in a hospital and provides the medical information Abigail needs for her romance novels.

Writing Style: That adage of “show, don’t tell” was not in practice, as this book was very much “tell”.  There was little dialogue and even less action, what Amelie and Leo were doing was generally mentioned in passing with very little importance. It may be a British stylistic thing, but much of the book was the repetitive thoughts of the two main characters.

Plot: Essentially the story is of Amelie, a French doctor who had her heart broken, and temporarily moves to Bluebell Cove to get over her broken engagement. There she meets Leo Fenchurch and falls in love with him, but he is fighting the same emotion because his previous fiancée died years ago.

Location: The novel is situated in Bluebell Cove, which is apparently in Devonshire, England. There is only the vaguest of descriptions to give the novel a sense of place; it is a coastal village that has a beach and maybe some cliffs, as well as a few shops. I could not picture the place at all, expect perhaps Four Winds Manor which had the most detail even though I don’t recall anything really happening there.

Pacing: The rate of the book’s movements was slower than molasses. There was no action, no drive, no risk to keep things interesting and keep the reader on edge. It took five hours to get through the novel because it did not hold my attention and I constantly found myself daydreaming about Colin Firth rather than reading… Not that Colin has anything in relation to this book other than being British.

Point of View: The book is from the perspectives of Amelie and Leo, enabling the reader access into the thoughts of both the main characters. Considering the book is made up almost entirely of the two character’s thoughts, to be only from one point of view would make the reader consider becoming a pyromaniac and burn the blasted book.

Romance: The love story between Amelie and Leo is wishy-washy. The majority of the book is the pair whining and whinging about not knowing what to think and feel. The only reason I wanted the two to sort out their differences and get together is because that would mean the book was at an end.

Quote: I have to say that whatever else you are… you’re different.

The Verdict: Give this book a pass, as it wasn’t engaging at all. The story’s potential was there, but fell flat.

If you found your significant other cheating on you what would you do? Would you travel to another country? 

Teaser Tuesday (Mar-5)

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Jack had been dreading the long drive to Cornwall and it had been every bit as bad as he feared. Freddie had cried, non-stop, for hours…

If Jack had kissed her then she would have kissed him back, and to hell with the consequences.



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