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I think I have mentioned once or twice before before how much I love Jacquelyn Middleton’s novel “London Belongs to Me”. And I know I wrote about how excited I was to buy the sequel “London Can You Wait?” so on sale that even I could afford to purchase the ebook on my travel budget (though I hope to get a signed copy in the future).

A little while ago, this author held a giveaway of a copy of the script for the play mentioned in her second book. Naturally I entered. I love her books and I love theatre; it’s a no brainer.

Imagine my glee when I actually won! *happy dance* Now I have to decide whether I want to read the play or the novel first…


In My Mailbox (LBTM)


One of my good friends is constantly gushing about one particular book. She uses the novel in a lot of her bookstagram photos, and mentions it all the time on her blog. Soon I began seeing the cover all over instagram when other bloggers finished reading the book themselves. Apparently there was something amazing about this debut novel and, needless to say I was curious… Particularly as the book is written by a Canadian and set in London, England where I was living at the time.

Shortly after I returned home from having lived overseas for two years, my friend told me about a giveaway the author was doing and that I should enter. As by this time I was obsessed about getting my hands on this book but not yet able to afford actually buying it (London is expensive, y’all!) of course I entered. I don’t know how it was possible but, luck would have it, I won!

Truth be told, I have actually had this book for a while now. I read it and typed up the review, but somehow did not post anything. I was rather busy with moving home, job hunting, and then getting ready to move again to a new country, so I somehow failed in this regard. However, this week is entirely devoted to the novel with teasers, a review, and a special event I hosted over the summer related to this novel.

What is the book you may ask?


None other than “London Belongs to Me” by Jacquelyn Middleton. If you want to know more about it, be sure to check back on my blog later this week.  Her sequel novel “London Can You Wait?” is coming out next month, so you better get reading!


Guest Post: Sunrise Author Services Launch Tour


Hello and welcome to the official launch blog tour of Sunrise Author Services, a company by authors for authors!

Sunrise Author Services is a little project Marie Landry and Jessica Tate have been planning for well over a year. They both wanted to take their personal experiences as authors, designers, and assistants and help other indie authors or aspiring indie authors in their journey to success. The two of them put their abilities together and created this company.


Let’s take a moment and discuss more about SAS, what we do and offer, and anything else you may be curious about.

What services does SAS provide for authors?
SAS currently offers premade covers, teaser graphics, and personal assistant services.

Will you be offering any other services in the future?
Yes! We’re going over the possibility of adding more services down the line, but as of right now we’re focusing on the covers, graphics, and PA services to start.

What makes SAS stand out from the rest?
We’re indie authors and we know the value of good promotion. When you choose SAS, we will do everything we can to promote your book on our blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And our help doesn’t stop after the services are finished. We’re also more than happy to share future sales and other promotions. All you have to do is send us a message with a link and we’ll do the rest.

Will you ever offer any discounts?
Of course! We will periodically be offering discounts (% off or $X off) on our services. Keep reading and you’ll find one you can use right now!

What do I do to inquire about a service?
We have two forms: one for the covers and graphics (for Marie) and one for the personal assistant services (for Jessica). Fill out the form for the service you’re interested in and we will contact you within 72 hours via email to go over the details. For the rest of March you can receive 5% off your service of choice with the coupon code GRANDOPENING. Just add it at the bottom of the form and we’ll take that off your total.


Want to save more? Sign up for our author newsletter to get a special coupon code just for subscribers.

Are you a blogger? Sign up for our blogger newsletter and we’ll give you first dibs on ARC and promo opportunities.

Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news and special offers.


Who’s up for a giveaway?
Two lucky winners will receive $5 off any service of their choice.
This discount can be used at any time in the future
(but not with any other discount).
Enter to win by going to our website sunriseauthorservices



As anyone who has been following my blog for at least the past couple of months, you will have seen my six part series based on an appearance Kelley Armstrong made at my local library. I took notes for most of the event just so I could share all I learned with you!

I was really lucky and was given this adorable tote bag signed by KA featuring the covers of the Cainsville books —the first novel of which, Omens, came out this past summer. I now use it for whenever I need to take my books back to the library, so it worked out well!


KA also signed everyone’s books… as many as we brought! This made me regret only bringing two books *LOL* Apparently there is normally a two-book limit as KA’s audience tends to be quite large, but for any smaller groups she will sign as many as her fans have brought with them.

BUT there was something else I got signed with all of you in mind… KA had some bookmarks available for whomever wished them and I snagged a couple. So now I am going to hold a giveaway for the signed KA bookmark depicting a werewolf from the upcoming novella Brazen. When discussing the cover art for this story the designer jokingly suggested the character be wearing a Team Jacob shirt and KA said “Sure!” It is not the cover, but it did become the bookmark!

Along with this lovely signed artwork, there will also be a Darkest Powers bookmark featuring cartoon characters from the novel, plus two other bookmarks I received from other authors: Amarok by Angela J Townsend and Perfection by JL Spelbring.


This contest is open to followers in Canada or the USA. In order to enter you must leave a comment on this post about why you love Kelley Armstrong books. If you also add in your comment the link(s) of  your tweet and/or facebook post about this contest,  you’ll get a bonus entry.


All of your names will go in this lovely… okay, rather battered faux top hat (Don’t ask, it was part of a bridal shower game). The winner’s name will be pulled by whomever happens to be visiting me on my birthday, which is Friday December 20th and will be announced the following day.

You have just five days to enter… and go!


Happy Birthday!

Thank you to all who participated in my Birthday Giveaway!

Now is the moment you have all been waiting for…


The winner for “There is No Dog” is:

The winner for “Icing on the Lake” is:

You have 24 hours to reply or the prize will be redrawn for.

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