Book Review: The (Fri)End Zone by Sariah Wilson

friendzoneSynopsis: Logan Hunt was offered the opportunity of a lifetime that would allow him to escape the poverty he grew up in. He was given a football scholarship. There was a catch, though, and one of the many rules he had to follow was ‘no women’. It wouldn’t have been a problem if he hadn’t met the coach’s daughter Jess. Falling for her would not only get him kicked off the team, but could completely derail his future. So, for now, he had no choice but to be in the friend zone… Continue reading “Book Review: The (Fri)End Zone by Sariah Wilson”


Review: Right Where I Want You by Jessica Hawkins

rightwherewantSynopsis: After a bad breakup with an emotionally abusive ex Georgina reinvents herself as George, PR girl-boss. However, when she is assigned to rebrand a men’s lifestyle magazine her wounded self-confidence has to stand up to Sebastian… also known as the Bad Boy of Publishing. Sebastian spent ten years working his way to the top, from intern to creative director, and he was not about to let a bad rep nor a know-it-all female mess with his magazine. With careers on the line and hearts at stake, what is the bigger prize: the job or a chance at love?

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Review: Maid in England by Brenda St John Brown

maidinengland Synopsis: The last thing publicist Remi expected was to be assigned to her college sweetheart, but the reclusive musician needed to revamp his image to move from a songwriter who performs at country pubs to a rockstar drawing crowds to concert. Twelve years ago he ended their relationship due to her workaholic ways, but now her talent was going to save his career… but can they keep from falling in love again?

Author: Brenda St John Brown is a New Yorker turned Brit who writes contemporary romance novels, and loves to have the occasional American character transplanted to England (much like herself).

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Book Review: Theatrical by Maggie Harcourt

34615412Synopsis: Hope’s mother is well known in the theatre world but, in order to make a name for herself, Hope secretly applies for a career-launching internship… and gets it. Trying to balance school work and the internship is not easy, particularly when she’s been assigned to assist the actor playing the lead role. With the help of her two friends and a new love interest, the show must go on!

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Review: Rescuing the Royal Runaway Bride by Ally Blake


SYNOPSIS: On the way to his childhood friend’s wedding, Will Darcy rescues a damsel in distress–the bride running away from the wedding. With the whole country in a furor, Will and Sadie plan to hide in a B&B until the media frenzy dies down and it’s safe to leave. It is supposed to be just a moment out of time, a break from their real lives, except it feels like it could become a whole lot more…

AUTHOR: With the mmc being from London and a few unfamiliar words I assumed the writer may also be British, but it turns out Ally Blake is Australian. She is an award-winning author and has a couple dozen romance novels published.

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Book Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

attachmentsSynopsis: It is 1999 and the internet is still a novelty for the newspaper staff. Beth and Jennifer spend their hours secretly emailing each other about their love lives, family drama, and work gossip. Lincoln, the IT guy, spends his hours monitoring red-flagged emails and reading their every exchange. Over time, Lincoln finds himself falling for one of them before he realizes that he can never tell her all he knows. After a series of close encounters, he finally decides to follow his heart and find out whether there is such a thing as love before first sight.

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Book Review: Beth and the Bachelor by Susan Mallery

51L4yszr9eL.SX316.SY316Synopsis: Matchmaking friends send Beth Davis on a date with millionaire bachelor Todd Graham. Not exactly Cinderella material, Beth is a widowed, nearly-forty suburban mom. Being auctioned off for charity to someone twice his usual dating range (and closer to his own age), Todd was not happy about his date until he met Beth. He’s fascinated by her and wants to see her again, but Beth doesn’t trust he will eventually promise forever.

Cover: The original cover from the 90s isn’t all that fabulous, but the 2015 edition’s artwork is much improved and more in keeping to Susan Mallery’s other novels. The newer cover has a great sense of space and colour, as well as show an cute couple frolicking in a field… which I don’t actually recall ever happening, but still looks adorable.

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