Birthday Giveaway


That is right, my birthday is this month and in honour of my turning a (lamentable) year older means that you will be getting a present. I adore birthdays so much that I am going to give away some books to share some of the love!

The actual draw will take place on December 20th, and winners will be announced on my blog. Then you will have 48 hours to reply or there will be a redraw for that giveaway.

The prizes are as follows:

There is No Dog by Meg Rosoff
This book is provided by Random House of Canada, the fabulous publisher I interned at over the summer. This work of fiction is about God… except he is a gorgeous nineteen-year-old boy who is lazy, impulsive, and causes natural disasters when he falls in love. Which he does quite often. It’s crazy, darkly humorous, and has an Eck.

 Icing on the Lake by Catherine Clark
These Avon rom-com type teen romances were my first foray into teen fiction once YA was considered a genre, and this book is basically a “beach read for snow bunnies”! Kirsten is a teen who is trying to survive the winter holiday with her physcho sister and toddler nephew, attempting to learn how to ice skate, and trying to find a date.

*** If the giveaway reaches 28 eligible entries*** 
There will be a bonus draw for a surprise gift made by me!

Read the following rules carefully before entering the giveaway.

1.) The giveaway ends on December 19th and all entries must be made no later than 11:59 pm eastern time.

2.) You may only leave one comment on this post.

3.) Tell me something about your own birthday. It can be anything from a best or worst memory of birthdays past, a book you would like to be given for your birthday, a tradition you have for your birthday celebration, even whether or not you like your birthday and why.

3.)  You are not limited to just one choice, but can enter for all available prizes. Just be sure to include in your comment which prizes you are interested in winning. Say either all the books or indicate by title, and whether you want to be entered into the bonus giveaway.

4.) Promote my birthday giveaway. You can do so on facebook via status update and including the link to my blog.  Tweeting: “Happy Birthday, @JaiKaies! Enter her birthday giveaway” and include the link. Making a post on your book blog dedicated to my birthday giveaway. Once having done any or all these things, please put the URL(s) in your comment. If you do more than one method of promoting my giveaway, you will gain an extra entry into the prize(s) of your choice.

5.) Make sure I have your email address so, should you win, I can contact you to make arrangements to give you your prize.

This contest is only open to Canada and the USA.

And the Winner is…

Thank you to all who participated in my first ever book giveaway contest!

Also, a big thank you to Spencer Hill Press for providing the additional copy of
Jennifer L Armentrout‘s ARC of her debut novel Half-Blood to be given away.

But now is the moment you have all been waiting for…


The winner is:


You have 72 hours to reply or the prize will be redrawn for.

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Simple Smile Saturday (Oct-3)

I just realized that haven’t done a smile in a couple months! I have had a fair bit to smile about lately actually…

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my extended family last week. It was a long three-hour drive to my aunt’s country home, but well worth it to see all my relatives. Us cousins went for a hike, and not only became separated but lost! We girls found someone to ask for directions, while the boys had to text for someone to get them *L0L* All in all, it was a lot of fun with a lot of great food… well, great desserts anyways!

My Nana gave me one month’s rent so I could stay in Toronto longer in order to look for a job. Unfortunately instead of job-hunting I’ve been house-bound due to coming down with pneumonia, but at least I’ll get to stay in the big city until the end of the year!

My first ever book giveaway for the ARC of Jennifer L Armentrout’s debut novel Half-Blood is off to a good start. I was starting to get worried that not enough people would enter! I wonder if more people would have commented if I opened it to the States, but there are so many American only contests that I felt it only fair that there be some Canadian only as well ;0)

I know it isn’t very many compared to many of the rest of you bloggers, but I have reached (and surpassed) 100 comments on my site. I’ve had more views than that on my busiest day, but I was proud to reach that number in people replying. If I ever reach 1000 comments I think I just might have another book giveaway *hinthint*

I really need to see about making a cute little picture icon for my “smiles” haven’t I? If anyone has any suggestions for a good picture I could use and photoshop, just let me know and send me an email or a link with the pic! Your help with this will surely make me smile :0)

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