Musa – Urania

These are the books I have done editorial work upon for Musa Publishing under their Urania imprint, which consists of Speculative Fiction of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

The Andersen Ancestry by Addie J King
Musa Publishing -> July 26 2013

andersen ancestryHans Christian Andersen might be a cool name on a family tree, but the meaning of that relationship might be more dangerous than it seems…

Janie Grimm and her best friend Mia Andersen survived their first year of law school, and are now heading into summer internships at the local courthouse. Between their work for the judge and their part-time jobs at the theatre, Janie and Mia have a mystery to solve.

The Seawitch has escaped from faerie court lockdown and is out for revenge on relatives of Hans Christian Andersen. Along with the help of Aiden, members of F.A.B.L.E.S., a street girl named Allie, Bert the frog, and a theater employee named Jonah, the girls must find the target of the Seawitch’s ire, deal with the reappearance of an absentee father, deflect an unwanted crush, nourish a new romance, work for a very eccentric judge, and find out why there is magic in the courthouse.

Janie and Mia must first figure out the answer to the puzzle, and then protect the person in the most danger…but who is the Seawitch’s intended prey?

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Etched in Soul and Skin by Joshua Legg
Musa Publishing -> May 17 2013

etchedinsoulandskinThe Sky Demons are coming.

The Sky Demons have hunted Adanna’s tribe for centuries, kidnapping people in vicious nighttime raids and disappearing without a trace. Her life has been one of deprivation and loss, always striving to keep one step ahead of relentless attackers.

Erik is the newest soldier in a secret military, one dedicated to keeping his steam-powered city in the air. Only a select few know the dark secret of his flying home. It’s not their technology that keeps it aloft, but the magic that flows in the veins of the people who live below them. He has been trained for one purpose: to hunt and retrieve human beings.

Captured and almost turned into a living battery, Adanna is rescued by the very man who imprisoned her.  In her, he sees a chance at redemption. In him, she sees a chance to escape. And maybe get a little revenge for the years of terror the ‘sky demons’ have inflicted on her.

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Tournament of Chance by S.G. Rogers
Musa Publishing -> Sept 28 2012

A hunter’s daughter becomes the spark that ignites a revolution—in time.

When a beautiful commoner enters the Tournament of Chance archery competition, her thwarted victory sparks a revolution in the oppressive kingdom of Destiny. Although Heather never believed the legends about the restoration of Ormaria, after three shape-shifting Ormarian wizards awaken from a long magical slumber, she joins their perilous quest to regain the throne. Heather battles vicious predators and angry trolls to free the wizards’ magic, but at a horrendous cost. She is unexpectedly torn from the arms of the man she loves and hurled back in time to fulfill a prophecy not yet written.  The ensuing maelstrom tests Heather’s survival skills, wits, and endurance. Will she become an unwritten footnote in history, or can she trust the magic to lead her back to her one true love?

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Enchanted Realms by Eleni Konstantine
Musa Publishing -> June 29th 2012

Will Ellie ever find a way home? What if the man of your dreams only existed in your dreams?

Thom may be used to the dangers of the forest, but nothing has prepared him for this. When he stumbles across a woman dressed in weird clothing lying on the ground during a storm, he has no choice but to help her. Ellie finds herself in another world, having travelled through time and space thanks to what Thom calls The Rifts. The question is whether she will ever be able to find her way back, or if she will be stuck in this new world forever. Or if she will even want to go home…

Vera’s dreams are haunted each night by a man she only knows as Angel Eyes. He feels more real to her than anything else in her life, including her fiancé. Vera must try to forget her childish dreams of soul mates and happily ever after… but are they really only dreams or can she find a way to be with Angel Eyes forever?

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The Accidental Immortal by S.G. Rogers
Musa Publishing -> June 15th 2012

When the Cup of Immortality goes missing in Asgard, will Dani sacrifice her relationship with Rein in order to save his life?

When the Cup of Immortality is stolen in Asgard, anger and suspicion is leveled at Dani Avery. Ordered from Asgard by Odin and –even worse– discovering Prince Rein has been betrothed to Leanna of the Faeries, Dani sets out to find the Cup and save Rein from an unwanted marriage.

Dani, Rein, and Emrys begin their desperate search for the real thief and the missing Cup. Unfortunately, the sultry and self-centered Leanna insists on tagging along, and causes them to run afoul of a ruthless crime boss who will stop at nothing to gain their silence…including kidnapping.

As the clock ticks away, Dani has to make a choice between continuing the search for the Cup or trying to find her missing friends. Will Dani unwittingly sacrifice Rein’s life in her attempt to save their relationship? Or will she deliberately sacrifice their relationship in order to save his life?

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The Grimm Legacy by Addie J King
Musa Publishing -> May 25th 2012

Being a descendent of the Grimm Brothers doesn’t make life a fairy tale… it’s a curse.

Once upon a time Janie Grimm thought she led a normal life, but within the first week of law school she’s started losing her mind. Her father just died, her stepmother Evangeline is evil, her professors already hate her, and a frog named Bert keeps talking to her. Then there’s her growing attraction to the accident-prone Aiden, who tries to explain magic murdered her father and it was trying to kill her, too.

Janie learns her father’s death was due to a fairy trying to restore the magic bound by Janie’s ancestors, the Brothers Grimm. Now the target of this fairy’s bid to regain power, Janie has only the protection of the mysterious Holder of the Legacy, the members of the F.A.B.L.E.S. organization, and the promises Evangeline made to Janie’s father before his death… but will it be enough?

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The Druid by S.G. Rogers
Musa Publishing -> April 20th 2012

An adventurous woman meets a romantic hero from the pages of a book, bigger than life and twice as Elvish.

Dani Avery is an ordinary girl wishing for adventure. She never expected to be kidnapped by mythological creatures and taken to a place she thought only existed within the pages of a book.  Abandoned in Asgard, Dani must find her way home. Along the way, she meets the handsome Prince Rein. Sadly, the elf is not-so-charming and has issues of his own, leaving Dani disappointed and vulnerable.  With nowhere left to turn Dani looks for help among the powerful Immortals, but gets caught in a trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.

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The Radiance by John Robinson
Musa Publishing -> Feb 10th 2012

How do you fight your own mind? 

They call it the Radiance. No one knows where it comes from or what causes it -only that human intelligence is expanding at a startling rate.

When Travis Walker is first asked to join the Radiant Project, a task force of scientists and military leaders, he declines. Yet when Travis’s brother, Cale, tells him the woman he always loved is in danger, he has no choice but to face whatever lies ahead.

Estranged brothers must race against time to find the source of the Radiance. Even more, they must find out how to stop it before it falls into the hands of those bent on destruction.

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