Becoming Better Because of Books


The thing I love most about the Wait for You series by J. Lynn are the male main characters. These guys are gorgeous, a little cocky, but kind and loving. They would be too good to be true if they didn’t have their own flaws and a few secrets, which is likely why the author ensured the men weren’t perfect. However that is not the most important thing, but rather how these guys treat the women in the books:

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Bookish Merchandise

When looking at bookstagram it is not just the books being added to my ever growing TBR list that make me drool. I also see candles, funkos, bookmarks, artwork, pillowcases, book cozies, and all the other wonderful merchandise to be had. It is rather amazing there are so many bookish things available for people who love to read.

I remember when reading made you a nerd rather than a fangirl, when it made you a bit weird rather than part of a world-wide community, when there wasn’t much swag to be had outside of bookmarks and even those rarely depicted book related things –though unicorns and puppies are cute. In fact, growing up, I don’t know of anyone who made such things even just for themselves, because it was just something no one really thought to do. It makes me wonder how this phenomenon started, at what point reading became a major marketing campaign. Does anyone remember or know?

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That’s My Plan

“It’s too intimidating,” Lincoln said. “The future.”
“So you’re done with the future?”
“I’m tightening my focus. I can handle the near future. Tonight, for example, I’m going to read for pleasure. Tomorrow I’m going to have a beer with lunch. On Saturday I’m going to play D&D. And Sunday, I might go see a movie. That’s my plan.”
“That isn’t a plan,” Eve said.
“It is. It’s my plan. And I feel really good about it.”
“Those aren’t things you plan. You don’t plan to read or to have a beer with lunch. Those are things you do when you have a moment between planned events. Those are incidentals.”
“Not for me, that’s my plan.”
– Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

When I read this, I had to pause a moment. I always felt I had to think about the Big Picture and making plans for it, feeling stressed because I don’t have a strategy or even a direction. People asking about my job, where I’m going to live, if I am in a relationship. Their making me feel like a failure because I don’t have a life-long career, leave my belongings at my parents’ house while I travel rather than having my own home, and never even having been in love instead of being married with children.

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New Year Resolution

I am a terrible human being.

All right, I’m just a terrible blogger. I used to post practically every day when I first began this blog eight years ago when I was in college, but then life happened. I let everything else going on interfere with something I used to really enjoy doing, thinking it took time I didn’t have… but if you love something you make time.

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Tea for Two


If there is one thing that is stereotypically British, it is drinking tea. Perhaps a holdover from the regency era in which ‘taking tea’ was all the rage or perhaps it’s just a local custom, but either way it is true. The British drink tea. All. The. Time.

I had never been fond of tea myself, but everywhere I went I was offered tea. I cannot stand Earl Grey and Red Rose or other frequently proffered flavours, so that is still problematic when on a visit. Yet I can now partake in tea as I quite enjoy chai and mint and other such flavours.

It got to be that every time I travelled to a new town I would find a quant little shop in which to have afternoon tea. I cannot say I cared for my experience in Greenwich, but I  had a lovely time in Bath and Cardiff, very much enjoying my scones with clotted cream and jam. You cannot live in the United Kingdom and never take afternoon tea or you haven’t fully experienced what it is to be British!

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Guest Post: Sunrise Author Services Launch Tour


Hello and welcome to the official launch blog tour of Sunrise Author Services, a company by authors for authors!

Sunrise Author Services is a little project Marie Landry and Jessica Tate have been planning for well over a year. They both wanted to take their personal experiences as authors, designers, and assistants and help other indie authors or aspiring indie authors in their journey to success. The two of them put their abilities together and created this company.


Let’s take a moment and discuss more about SAS, what we do and offer, and anything else you may be curious about.

What services does SAS provide for authors?
SAS currently offers premade covers, teaser graphics, and personal assistant services.

Will you be offering any other services in the future?
Yes! We’re going over the possibility of adding more services down the line, but as of right now we’re focusing on the covers, graphics, and PA services to start.

What makes SAS stand out from the rest?
We’re indie authors and we know the value of good promotion. When you choose SAS, we will do everything we can to promote your book on our blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And our help doesn’t stop after the services are finished. We’re also more than happy to share future sales and other promotions. All you have to do is send us a message with a link and we’ll do the rest.

Will you ever offer any discounts?
Of course! We will periodically be offering discounts (% off or $X off) on our services. Keep reading and you’ll find one you can use right now!

What do I do to inquire about a service?
We have two forms: one for the covers and graphics (for Marie) and one for the personal assistant services (for Jessica). Fill out the form for the service you’re interested in and we will contact you within 72 hours via email to go over the details. For the rest of March you can receive 5% off your service of choice with the coupon code GRANDOPENING. Just add it at the bottom of the form and we’ll take that off your total.


Want to save more? Sign up for our author newsletter to get a special coupon code just for subscribers.

Are you a blogger? Sign up for our blogger newsletter and we’ll give you first dibs on ARC and promo opportunities.

Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news and special offers.


Who’s up for a giveaway?
Two lucky winners will receive $5 off any service of their choice.
This discount can be used at any time in the future
(but not with any other discount).
Enter to win by going to our website sunriseauthorservices


Learning Life Lessons from Fiction

In college one of my school assignments was a group project to create an online magazine. I had forgotten all about it until I was checking a friend’s bookshelf for something to borrow and saw a copy of  Kody Keplinger’s debut novel. One of my “articles” had been inspired by the book, as I’d just read it that year (book review here). It took me a bit to gain access to the site as no one could remember the password, but I was finally able to and saw that people were still leaving us comments!  Some people thought my article helpful, some wondered if it would really work, and others said it would turn you into a clone. I’ve posted my article below… What do y’all think? 

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