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Today is a special day for me so, despite the fact I am sick in bed right now, I decided to celebrate in the only way I can. I will be posting throughout the course of the day, both here and in my stories on my bookstagram account jk.booklover  to commemorate the occasion!

I am going to start things off with a riddle:
Do you know what this scene from Miss Congeniality and the photo of a bookish tea party I had with Marie ( ramblingsofadaydreamer )  have in common? 


perfectdateIn the movie Cheryl Fraiser was asked to “Describe your perfect date” and she replied April 25th because she enjoyed the weather. So being the unique person that I am, upon seeing this movie moment, I realized I already had my own idea of what was the “perfect date”.

Despite being born near Christmas, I much prefer the blue skies and warm sunshine of summer. Considering one of my favourite numbers is seven and I loved being seven, that makes July my month. When I was seven I discovered Sweet Valley High books at my local library and thought being sixteen was the perfect age. Not only that, Miss Congeniality premiered in Hollywood when I was actually sixteen myself. This is one of the few even numbers I don’t mind (other faves are three and twenty-one).

Over the years I would occasionally do something fun on July 16th, such as having a pool party or going out with friends. Other times the day just kind of swept by without my noticing thanks to being an adult whose only concern is not being late for work and paying off student loans. I think my favourite celebration was when I had Marie over for a bookish tea party, after I returned from England and before I left for Ireland. We had tea with scones, took photos of Jacquelyn Middleton’s novel London Belongs to Me for bookstagram, and then watched a variety of British (or brit inspired) films.

This year I had hoped to do something fun, but have been unwell the past couple days. I had been percolating an idea I intended to do after returning home to Canada, probably for my birthday, but instead decided to bump it up to today. After all, I couldn’t let today go uncelebrated!



So without further ado, I am having a “perfect date” giveaway! The winner will receive a hand-crafted booksleeve and a personalized bookmark that will be designed by you (skills allowing)!

In order to enter you must:
1. Follow me
2. Like this post
3. Leave a comment saying what your perfect date is and why

Bonus Points:
Go to my bookstagram account jk.booklover  and enter that way too.

Contest closes on July 21st, and the winner will be announced at the end of the month.


Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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