Kiss Me I’m Irish: The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St Claire

sinspastSynopsis: One incredible night was all Kendra Locke got from Deuce Monroe before he walked away to chase his big-league dreams. Years later, Deuce is back in his hometown ready to pick up where he left off… but Kendra had no intention of letting him. The consequences of that one night had shattered her dreams and now what Deuce wants threatens her future. The attraction is still there, but will she be able to walk away?

Cover: The original cover for this novel is both artistic and bland. I love it in theory and perhaps as a honeymoon photo, but all you really notice is the unfortunate yellowish-brownish shade that takes over most of the space.

Plot: I don’t normally care for second-chance romances, but this one was interesting and sweet. There is two-fold tension with the main characters’ past relationship affecting their current “professional partnership.”

Romance: Kendra had a crush on Deuce for most of her life that became a complete and unconditional love. I liked how Deuce recognized how lucky he was when Kendra gave him a second chance and fought to win her forever when she was expecting for now.

Character: Diana Lynn is beloved by Kendra, Seamus, and supposedly most the town, but as a reader I was strongly influenced by Deuce’s initial opinion of her. He did learn to like her, but, for me, the shock Deuce had when learning about her affected my reaction for the rest of the novel. I was willing to give Diana Lynn the benefit of the doubt, yet didn’t see enough of her to actually like her as much as the others.

Pondering: Seamus Monroe is Deuce’s father who is continually considered Irish. However, during the story it is said that Deuce’s grandfather opened the bar in Massachusetts the year Seamus was born. While I suppose Seamus could have been born in Ireland then relocated with his parents shortly thereafter, it is more likely to have been Deuce’s grandfather who is Irish.

Quote: The way you look at me —like I was the only guy on earth—made me feel alive. That’s why I never called. Because I kind of sensed I wasn’t worthy of that level of love.

Verdict: This novel is a quick and cute read, but it was a bit disappointing in it’s lack of Irishness. Considering the story is part of an anthology called “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, I was expecting a lot more from it. Even if the main characters aren’t native to Eire, at least a big Irish family running an Irish pub rather than seeming like a barely there Irish heritage aspect was thrown as an after thought. If you don’t care about the Emerald Isle one way or another and just like baseball players wooing smart girls, then this one is for you.



Author: JaimeKristal

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