An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of Katherines followed—though I fluctuated between it and the next book in regards to which should be read. Being a little more familiar with Green’s writing style I knew the book would be more on the oddball side than cookie-cutter, happily-ever-after, and thus wasn’t disappointed by what unfolded on the pages.

In the story Colin has a thing for Katherines, and he sets out on a road trip with his bestie to get over being dumped for the nineteenth time. Being the prodigy he is, Colin comes up with a theory that he can discover the reason behind the nineteen failed relationships through the creation of a mathematical equation. It’s downright bizarre, but even the math doesn’t detract from the unique tale.

What I loved about this book was the random facts stored in Colin’s head, and I think that may have been a large part of why the book was so interesting. It may be an annoying trait in real life, yet in this book it is what made Colin a likeable character. With this novel you are given a bunch of absolutely useless information that you’ll likely try to insert into your own conversations.

This book was definitely better than Paper Towns, and it is the book to beat. If I had to recommend a John Green book, this would be the far more likely one. Would I read it again? Probably not, but it will hit the spot if you need a book that is different than the norm.


Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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