Book Review: Harden by Diana Palmer

Harden by Diana PalmerSynopsis: Rancher Harden Tremayne hates women. He’s got a pretty good reason to be angry considering that women continuously do him wrong, but then he meets city girl Miranda Warren. Harden still hates the female gender except Mindy who recently lost her husband and child in a car accident. Neither of them has ever felt so drawn to someone before, but it’s the wrong time and place and maybe, the wrong people…

Writing Style: Diana Palmer’s books all have the same essence to them. They read very similar and even the plots don’t have much variety. Nevertheless, they all have a sort of “feel good” quality that makes you want to keep picking up her books.

Hook: Find out why Harden hates women and what happens when a woman-hater finally falls in love.

Plot: Harden goes to Chicago for a cattle convention and meets the recently widowed Mindy. A few months later Harden goes back to visit Miranda and convinces her to come back to the ranch with him.

Location: Half the book takes place on the Tremayne ranch, but the other half is in Chicago. It alternates between rancher in the city and city girl on the ranch… the only catch being that Mindy grew up on a ranch and isn’t so much of a city girl as she pretends to be.

Character: Evan is one of the older Tremayne brothers and often takes on a role of protecting his other brothers from hurt, particularly when it is their own behaviour that is doing the damage.  Evan may be big and intimidating, but he’s actually a softy who tries to resolve his brothers’ relationship issues. The catch being that Evan is the only bachelor left and really shouldn’t be giving out advice because it isn’t always good advice.

Romance: The relationship between Harden and Miranda is bad everything. Mindy is recently widowed and lost her child so it is bad timing. Mindy lives in Chicago and, for a rancher like Harden, it’s a bad place. To top things off, Harden hates women so the idea of falling in love is not necessarily something he’d be overjoyed about, especially considering Mindy won’t stay out of what he considers his personal business and tries to patch up Harden’s differences with his family. But the two have chemistry, so what should be wrong, feels right, and just might be perfect.

Quote: Life isn’t perfect. This minute is all we really have. No yesterdays. No tomorrows. There’s only the present. Everything else is a memory or a daydream.

The Verdict: If you’ve ever been wondering about the illegitimate Tremayne brother, you’ll want to pick up Harden’s story, and if you have never been curious, it is still a good book.



Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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