Book Review: To Dance with a Prince by Cara Colter

to dance witha  prince carla colterSynopsis: As the dance teacher for a team called “No Princes”, Meredith Whitmore has to teach a prince to dance for the small country’s annual festival.  Men before have hurt Meredith, and this prince is known as “Heartbreaker” so Meredith wants nothing to do with him. As the royal and the girl from the rough side of town get to know each other, they start letting go of their defenses and get to know each other… but what will happen if Meredith falls for Prince Kiernan?

Author: Cara Colter is a Canadian *yAy* She has a degree in journalism and has written over forty novels. A fair few of her books have princes in them so she either has a thing for fairytales or is secretly royal herself ;0)

Pacing: The one thing I had trouble with was the setting of the scene and the internal thoughts of the characters. I found the descriptions and inner monologues to be awkwardly placed because it was often in the middle of a dialogue and I just wanted to find out what would be said next. I would have liked the descriptions and thinking process to be either a little sooner, or a little later.

Location: The story takes place in a small, non-existent island country, but I had a hard time remembering that because it seemed so American. The majority of the story takes place indoors, admittedly in a palace, but there was nothing that made it seem really different than anywhere in North America.

Character Development: The depiction of Prince Kiernan was excellent; he is exactly as you’d expect a prince to be. He starts out rather uptight and dutiful, but slowly you get to see his more personal and “human” side, not just his public/professional demeanor.

Minor Characters: The whole reason that Meredith is even teaching the prince to dance is because he is to perform with her dance troupe called “No Princes”, but the girls are barely in the book at all.  Most of the novel was just Prince Kiernan and Meredith; I thought additional interaction between Meredith and the dance team would have added a bit more to the story.

Quote: What would make me agree to stand in for you with a woman who likes her princes barbecued and makes Sergeant Major Henderson look like a Girl Scout leader?  We both know I can’t dance! The Prince of Heartaches causes foot aches, too.

The Verdict: I found it to be a very light read. Even though there are some scenes that are highly emotional for the characters, I felt a little distant from the situation so my own feelings didn’t really get caught up into the story.  I may not have cried, but I did get a chuckle or two out of it.


Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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