Book Review: Welcome Home, Daddy by Carrie Weaver

welcomehomedaddy.carrieweaverSynopsis: Annie’s best friend set her up on a blind date with Drew Vincent, a reservist being shipped out the next day, and shortly thereafter Annie found herself a single-mother. Two years later, Annie receives the shock of her life when the man who was presumed dead in Iraq is standing on her doorstep and about to discover himself a father. But Annie isn’t sure she has the faith and courage to let the man who risks his life every day into their life.

Cover: I was reading this on my kobo, so the cover isn’t all that eye-catching. I did however look it up online, and cannot say the colour version is much more spectacular. There is nothing original or overly interesting about the artwork, thought the toddler’s expression is adorable.

Writing Style: Carrie Weaver has an excellent style of writing that kept me enthralled in the store from beginning to (near) end. She had a great sense of pace, kept the plot moving (for the most part), and only faltered a bit towards the end.

Plot: The main storyline of this book is quite plausible, and has probably happened on more than one occasion. An ordinary girl and a member of the armed forces fall in love, and try to figure out if living with the fear and distance are worth the risk of making their relationship work. This tale, however, had the added obstacle of the pair already having a child together due to a one-night-stand years prior.

Character: Micah is the nearly two-year-old son of Annie and Drew. I cannot say I know all that much about children, but having been around them growing up I am quite surprised at how advanced this boy is depicted. If I had to guess, I would have thought Micah to be closer to the age of four based on his level of speech and attention span.

Character Development: Annie is a keep-it-safe type of personality, eschewing anything that might be considered dangerous or risky. This behaviour is evident up until around the last ten pages of the book when suddenly she has a change of heart. The arc Annie’s character goes on is missing; there is no depiction of her coming to the realization that some things are worth the risk, just suddenly arriving there.

Relationship: The growing love between Annie and Drew felt a little bit same-old along the lines of any other romance, but Drew building a bond with his son is incredibly sweet and also humerous due to the man having no idea what he is doing with a toddler.

DiY: This is something to keep in mind for those of you with children. When throwing a birthday party for your little tot, only invite as many children as years your child is turning. If your kid is two, invite two other children to help celebrate as any more than that can lead to one big nightmare.

Quote: “It may sound old-fashioned, but I don’t want to dishonour you. I want to make sure we’re both committed heart and soul… And I can look you and Micah in the eye tomorrow, not to mention myself in the mirror. [I want to] set an example of what it means to be a man of honour.“

The Verdict: I rather liked this book, and wish it was one that I owned. As I previously mentioned, the ending did leave a bit to be desired –which could have been corrected by adding a scene of the heroine ruminating over her options and having a light bulb moment –yet the novel was still an enjoyable read. Admittedly, I am going through a phase where anything with a military man in it tends to interest me, but I found this story to be both real and an escape from reality.

Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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