Book Review: Rhiana by Michele Hauf

Synopsis:  The village of St Renan has not seen a dragon for years, but now a dozen of them dwell in the caves below the seaside town. Rhiana Tasson will do whatever it takes to protect her family from being killed by the dragons as so many other villagers have been. Rhiana pairs up with Macarius Fleche another dragon slayer who is the son of the man who trained Rhiana to kill dragons. Rhiana needs to figure out why the Lord of St Renan has banned dragon slaying and why so many dragons have been attacking the village.

Author: Michele Hauf has been writing for over fifteen years, books filled with romance, action, and fantasy.  She apparently uses snow in most of her books, she does live in Minnesota after all, but I don’t recall any in these three books.

Location: No surprise that the third book of Michele’s trilogy also takes place in France. Yet this time it is a distant village very closed off from any nearby towns, rather than in and around Paris. But then, dragons in Paris just wouldn’t work as well.

Character: Lady Ann is a mystery. Delicate and fair, yet incredibly obsessed with dragons to the point she wants one as a pet. Everyone considers her to be “luna-touched” because she has to be chained up each night or she will sleepwalk toward the dragon caves. Lady Ann’s moods change quickly and it is as though she lives in an imaginary world of dragons… Thankfully, we do discover the truth about the dragon-lover’s madness.

Subplot: Rhaina tries to discover the facts of her birth for she knows she is “unique” and that Ulrich wasn’t her birth father though he gladly claimed the role and married Rhiana’s mother.  When Ulrich arrives she learns the reason behind his disappearance twenty years prior (read Gossamyr), but Rhiana can only get the truth about her sire from her mother.

Pondering: At the end of the story there is no concrete finish, but the setting up of another tale. There are more adventures to be had on the part of three women –Seraphim, Gossamyr, and Rhiana- plus that of the Lady Ann.

Quote: Meet all challenges for in the end you will then look back and know you did truly live before death.

The Verdict: A wonderful conclusion to the trilogy.  The books in this series just keep getting better.

Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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