Book Review: Seraphim by Michele Hauf

Synopsis: On the eve of Seraphim’s wedding, the d’Ange castle was attacked by the de Morte brothers and everyone was killed… everyone, but Seraphim. Sera survived the attack upon her person that left her with horrible scars and a damaged throat. Vowing to get revenge, Sera set out to kill all the de Morte’s under the guise of the Black Knight. With only the help of her “squire” Balwin and a mysterious stranger named Dominique San Juste, Seraphim must stop the demonic de Mortes from wreaking evil upon all of France.

Author: While Michele has written paranormal and historical novels before, Seraphim is the first fantasy book. No matter which type of genre, for Michele, it is all about excellent sword fighting scenes… something that shows in Seraphim.

Plot: At first the story was a little slow, but after the first couple chapters the book pulls you in. It is full of action and intrigue, with a little romance thrown in to make things even more interesting.

Location: There wasn’t really anything about place that made the story inaccessible. While it didn’t have a very “French” feel, the novel had enough town names given to keep the story in the countryside and villages until the end.

Character: Baldwin is an excellent “wise fool” as he is most definitely comical at times while still managing to be the confidant of Dom and the adviser of Sera. Baldwin almost always knows when it is the right time to discuss an important issue, and when he has bad timing it just makes things amusing.

Unfulfilled Promise: Dominique’s horse Tor is a real question. It is pure white with a long mane and tale, but also a bald patch on the horse’s forehead from a “wound”. It makes you think it might be a unicorn who’s horn was removed, but it is never said.  Also, did Seraphim ever find Henri’s missing [spoiler]?

Romance: The love interest between Sera and Dom is very slow to develop, which is perfectly fitting for this pair.  Sera doesn’t quite trust Dom, not with her life or her heart, and Dom doesn’t like the idea of having feelings for the female warrior either.

Quote: When faced with fear or faith, I choose faith always.

The Verdict: I picked up this book because I have read later Michele books, and ended up being glad I read this. If you like faeries, angels, and demons, give this one a try.

Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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