Guest Book Review: The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

Synopsis – 16 year old Kaelyn is stuck on an island that use to be home but now is in ruins after a deadly virus takes over. The government has quarantined their island. No one can leave and no one can come back. Those who are healthy have to remain there while their family and friends become sick and die. She joins forces with a formal rival and finds romance in the ruins. Will they all survive? Or will they all continue to die while the rest of the world moves on?

Author – Like many authors, Megan Crewe finds writing about herself much more difficult than making things up. A few definite facts: she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two cats (and does on occasion say “eh”), she tutors children and teens with special needs, and she has yet to make friends with a ghost, though she welcomes the opportunity. Her first novel, GIVE UP THE GHOST, was published by Henry Holt in 2009 and is now out in paperback.

Cover – Its a very simple cover but it does scream “read me” when you look at it. The title of the novel takes up the whole front cover, which is yellow. In the lettering you see a girl walking down the road by herself. Which made me wonder where she was going? Why is she alone?

Pacing – This novel flowed nicely. Even with some of the medical terms and chiaos of the plot. It still worked together. Never making me lose interest or wanting to put it down.

Hook – In this case the hook would have to be about the whole fact that this virus is killing people on this island in Canada. That no one seems to be safe, once you have it your outcome is most liking death.

Plot – The whole idea of the books is that Kaelyn is writing to her ex-bestfriend who has left the island. In it she writes to him about how the virus first happened, how it slowly spread from person to person. How they then were cut off the outside world with the quaratine. The plot never becomes confusing. Its action packed with virus, people trying to survive, people trying to get off the island and even people trying to “kill off” the virus by setting fires. From beginning to end its craziness. Then at the end of the book it just ends. Which left me unsatissfied because I wanted to know more about Kaelyn, about what happened to her brother, her friends. I want to read more about her new love interest. I do know there will be a second book to the series. So I guess I will have to wait.

Character – The main character is the only one you really get to know. Kaelyn is the daughter of a very important doctor. A daughter of a mother who loves her. She also has an older brother that is very smart. She’s caring, funny and sweet. Something happened to her and her bestfriend that she wishes didn’t happen but at the same time she is happy that he is off the island living in New York. Throughout the book she is thrown into situations that any teen should never be in. She has to become stronger, to look out for herself along with her little cousin, who she loves. You can’t help but cheer her on. Half the time I wanted to give her a hug and tell her that she had many people rooting for her.

Character Development – Kaelyn had to do a lot of growing up in this novel. She went from worrying about school, boys and her ex-bestfriend to worrying about surviving this virus. To making sure her cousin was safe and healthy. To helping strangers out while the world left them in the dark. She matured a lot near the end of the book. Megan Crewe did an excellent job with how she made Kaelyn stronger, it wasn’t an over night thing, it was developed slowly.

Quotes –  “This is what we do. We make tea and read books and watch people die.” 

The Verdict – I would recommend this book to anyone. Its an excellent book, keeps you on your toes and makes you paranoid about colds! It is something I will re-read again. A few times over at that. I can’t wait until the next novel in this series! I want to read more about how Kaelyn is doing. Has she found her brother? Did the virus get beat? Is anyone left on the island? so many questions that will have to wait until the second book!


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Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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