Guest Book Review: I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Synopsis – Jazz is a 17 year old boy who is the son of an infamous Serial Killer. Dear Old Dad was caught 4 years earlier and Jazz is struggling with who he is, who he wants to be and who his Dad wants him to be, which is the next infamous Serial Killer like himself. With the upbringing he had, he can’t decided what he truly is. With Dear Old Dad bring your Child to Work Day was all year around. He knows how Serial Killers work, think and act. He can’t help it, his Dad taught him everything he knew. With bodies piling up in Jazz’s home town, he can’t help but investigate it himself and try to clear his name. The murders are strangely familiar and everyone in town can’t help but look at Jazz. Will Jazz prove it wasn’t him? That he isn’t taking after his Dad? Or will he become the man his Dad wants him to be?
Author – Barry Lyga is a recovering comic book geek. When he was a kid, everyone told him that comic books were garbage and would rot his brain, but he had the last laugh. Raised on a steady diet of comics, he worked in the comic book industry for ten years, but now writes full-time because, well, wouldn’t you? The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl is his first novel
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Pacing – The pacing in this novel wasn’t bad. It flowed nicely & the plot didn’t get jumbled up anywhere but with that being said, there were some dull parts! They weren’t enough to make me put the book down and never pick it up again.
Hook – The hook for me was the fact that this kid reminded me about Dexter Morgan from the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay when I first read the back of the book, and that was why I bought it. After reading it I thought they would make a good team. Dexter also hunts Killers, but the only difference between the two of them is the fact that Dexter is a serial killer himself, Jazz is not.
Plot The plot was an interesting one. Here is a 17 year old teen who is the son of a serial killer. Who witnessed his Dad’s killings {and maybe even helped them}. He was taught everything he needed to know about how to be a killer, how to blend in, look “human”. How to get away with it and how not to get caught. But here he is struggling with it all, not wanting to be what his Dad wants him to be. Struggling with his inner demons. He has a bestfriend that keeps him grounded, along with a girlfriend that loves him no matter what. They keep him sane, keep him human, however, he is slightly obsessed with the murders that are happening around his town. The whole plot flowed well. Everything that was going on, the background stories, the relationships between everyone he knows and cares about never gets jumbled up. There are no confusing parts, no parts where you stratch your head and wonder where that came from.  The twist in the end is excellent {I didn’t see it coming at all} and now I can’t wait to read the second novel to this series!
Point Of View – The point of view is told from Jazz’s. Which is pretty exciting on its own. You get the chance to see what goes on inside the head of a serial killer. Well, the son of a serial killer. He thinks like one, he knows how to get people to do what he wants, he knows how to act like he cares. He also struggles with it all. I enjoyed reading it from his view.
Character – There are a few Characters that stood out, like G. William, the Police Chief that likes Jazz and was the one to capture Jazz’s Father. Then there is Jazz’s best friend, Howie, who is funny, sweet and truly cares about Jazz. He and Jazz are opposite. Where Jazz is strong, Howie is weak.
But the main Character is the one I liked the most: Jazz. He was my favourite. His struggles became my own. I had hoped he wouldn’t become what his Dad wanted him to do, half the time I wanted to yell into the book and tell him he was good. He was human, that he isn’t his Dad. He’s a very smart, caring {Only towards his friends} teen. He had a hard life. His Dad is a serial killer, in jail, but still struggles with the lesson his Dad taught him, what his Dad wants him to be. He has a grandma {His Dad’s Mom} who is slightly crazy and abusive. He has Children’s Aid trying to place him in Foster Homes, he has the whole town who are always suspecting him to be a killer, who are nervous with him AND he’s still a teen dealing with emotions. He had a lot going on but through it all, he remained sane. I couldn’t help but fall for the guy and root him on.
Character Development –  I do believe the main Character developed great. He learns a few things about himself, about his friends and changes a little at the end {I can’t say too much because it will spoil the book for others} but I am happy with the way Barry Lyga wrote about Jazz! :0)
Quote – “What if the world’s worst serial killer…was your dad?” 

The Verdict – I would read this book again and look forward to reading the second book in this series. I really liked Jazz and I want to see how he turns out. If you like Dexter, or mystery novels, than you will love this book!


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