Author vs Dentist

As you have seen, I have been doing a weekly feature of interviewing authors.  These Q&A sessions are posted every Monday and I hope to keep this up until at least the end of summer, if not the end of the year!

The ironic thing is at least half of the authors I have interviewed thus far respond with single-sentence answers. They are writers and yet they don’t want to include the interesting details or explanations why? This of course means I have to do some follow-up questions in order to flesh out their answers a little more for all of you lovely bloggers.

During one of these interviews, the author told me that she couldn’t comprehend why
anyone would be so interested in her, and that the interview process was a lot like having a tooth extracted. That made me feel absolutely awful. I never liked going to the dentist myself, so the very idea an author felt that way about answering my questions was a bit horrifying. It made me want to apologize profusely and never bother her –or other authors- again.

Then I considered how I felt during these interviews, what I thought about when going over their answers as I prepare them for posting on my blog. I was in awe. I was inspired. I was hopeful.

Most of the people I know have a love of reading and are fascinated by authors. To us it is the names on our most prized possessions –books–who are celebrities, and we want to know about them as much as the world wants to know about Brangelina or Tomkat.  More importantly, they inspire us to follow our heart.

These are the people who may have been told as a child they should choose a logical career, one that will earn a steady pay cheque each week. They are the ones who didn’t give up though they may have received rejection after rejection.  They had faith in themselves and in their talent and in their readers.

What if at some point in the future an individual comes across my blog and sees one of my author interviews. That person could be someone who always loved writing when they were younger, but gave into the pressure of becoming a lawyer or accountant or receptionist or grocery store clerk. Or perhaps this is the person who has a million story ideas pinging around their brain, but never thought they had enough talent to write something others would want to read.  But that person sees one of my interviews and then thinks to their self: I can do that too.

You. Your words. Your experience. It is the very reason that one more person had the courage to go after their dream. You may never know about it, never realize you were the turning point in that person’s life, but the very possibility you could have such a profound affect on someone’s future… Well, isn’t that a shot of Novocain?

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(Cartoon by Cathy Thorne. Photo from Intrepid Murmurings) 


Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

One thought on “Author vs Dentist”

  1. What a wonderful post. This is something I have been dealing with for a while now. Should I give into a soul sucking job that I hate but makes me good money or should I follow my dreams and try to break through with my art, with my writing and sharing part of myself with the world?


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