Book Review: Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout

Synopsis: Even though she isn’t exactly happy about being the second Apollyon, Alexandria is beginning to realize that she needs Seth –if only because his presence puts her to sleep.  Between the daimon attacks at school, being called before the Council, and the appearance of the Furies, Alex has more than enough trouble in her life to give her nightmares. Alexandria’s life is on the line from enemies both known and unknown, and she discovers just what Aiden is willing do to keep her safe.

Author: Jennifer L Armentrout is an up-and-coming author quickly gaining popularity. Having only made her debut last year, Jennifer now has five published works and six more expected to be published by 2013.

Cover: The artwork in this series continues to be fantastic. It follows the theme of a fiery flower set on a single coloured background. I still like best Half-Blood’s purple hibiscus over Daimon’s green tulip and Pure’s blue Rose, but all of them are truly beautiful and always have meaning.

Writing Style: Jennifer has a quirky sense of humour that comes out in her stories, and quite often you won’t even realize you’re smiling as you read until someone catches you. Yet Jennifer is just as capable in writing serious or sad scenes, which balance out the novel’s overall aesthetic.

Pacing: The novel starts by dealing with the emotional aspects of Alex’s life, but then begins to build into a fully action-packed climatic battle between daimons and the sentinels.

Location: While the novel does begin in the Covenant of North Carolina, the latter portion takes place in New York.

Plot: I wasn’t expecting Alex to be relocated to another Covenant, but it does add a level of the unknown for the main characters and therefore a greater measure of danger. We know from the previous novel that the existence of two Apollyons is a threat, but the reader now gets to see the effect of their existence among others outside of their school.

Romance: The main character’s relationship with Aiden reaches a new level, with the pure always trying to do whatever it takes to protect Alex. This is counterbalanced by the growing bond between the Apollyons, the male half of which isn’t nearly as caring about what is safe and has a tendency towards the self-serving. Alex will have to choose between the forbidden and fate, though each in their own way could lead to her death.

Side Note: Having just recently watched the movie Thor, I now imagine Seth looking a lot like Chris Hemsworth did in that film.

Theme: In this book an image keeps reappearing –the upside down torch. It represents Thanatos who is both the god of peaceful death as well as an ancient Order of extremists presumed to no longer be in existence.  Due to the prominence of this emblem, it appears to be leading up to something of importance… but not yet revealed.

 Personal Thoughts: I have some theories about Alex’s stepfather Lucian, the Order of Thanatos, and even Leon, but in case I am even close to being right in my suspicions of where things might lead I shant say what those ideas are.

Quote: Everything changed the moment you were born.

The Verdict:  This was another fantastic novel by Jennifer L Armentrout. She manages to keep things fresh and original while adding layers of complexity. This series, though only just beginning, is one I already know I will enjoy over and over again. I will be looking forward to future books in the Covenant series and other works by this author.

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Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout”

  1. I totally loved Pure its really addicting. Once you start you cant let go. I love how the author made such an amazing series. (totally team aiden) i really love aiden. I fell in love with him and alex in the first book and im sticking to them!


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