Book Review: Ransom for a Prince by Lisa Childs

 Synopsis: When the COIN summit members discovered there was a witness to the car bombing and their friend Sheik Amir Khalid’s disappearance, they will stop at nothing to find that person. After prince Sebastian Cavanaugh holds a press conference, Jessica Peters contemplates coming forward even though it means risking her own life from the car bombers and her past. When bullets start flying from both directions, Prince Sebastian vows to do whatever it takes to protect Jessica and her four-year-old daughter… but can he?

Author: This is not the first time I’ve read a Lisa Childs novel and nor will it be the last. There is a reason why she is an award-winning and bestselling author with her paranormal and contemporary novels! Though I have to say, the cat on her website can be somewhat distracting…

Cover: The book jackets just keep on getting better and better with each subsequent novel in the Cowboys Royale series.  The first book had a lovely background and a decent-looking model, the second has a model who knows how to stand and better looking than the last, but this book *whistles* The background might not be as pretty, but the model’s abs sure make up for it!

Writing Style: Unlike the last book, this novel had a bit more back-story to it to remind the reader what has happened prior to this moment. There was an excellent balance between tension and lightness, and even a faint brush of humour even in some intense scenes.

Plot/Subplot:  Unlike the first book, and similar to the second, this novel has its own main storyline with the subplot of the missing COIN member and death threats. The COIN summit disasters are what draw Sebastian and Jessica together, it’s true, but it is Jessica’s history that takes predominance and seem a more immediate danger.

Character: Samantha Peters is the little girl everyone wants to have. She’s adorable and bright, but still has some spirit to her. She’s the type of child that completely lights up the room. It may have been nice to see more of Samantha, but I don’t see how doing so would have moved the plot forward, and Samantha was a major driver in this book when it came to motivation for other characters.

Romance: Sebastian and Jessica go through a lot in a twenty-four hour period. In fact, I didn’t even realize it was just a single day until Jessica specifically mentions it the timeline and the impossibleness of falling for someone in so short a time. It is technically pretty close to instalove, but felt like it had so much longer to build –possibly because that one day took a good half of the novel.

Quote: He might legally be a prince, but I’ve yet to meet a man who’s a real prince.

The Verdict: This novel seemed far more relevant to the series than the second book. If you’re going to choose between the two, go with this one, as it is a more enjoyable read.

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Author: JaimeKristal

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