Book Review: Scoundrel In My Dreams by Celeste Bradley

Synopsis: Laurel Clarke was in love with Jack, Lord Redgrave, even though he was engaged to her older sister Amaryllis.  When Jack came back from the war, Amaryllis decided to marry an earl instead as it was just the idea of being secretly engaged to a soldier that interested her. Jack didn’t know it was Laurel that came to his room that night and, after Amaryllis rejected his proposal, Jack left England to sail the seas. Upon Jack’s return he recognized that Melody, the three-year-old little girl abandoned on the steps of his gentlemen’s club, as his daughter and finally discovered he thought he was in love the wrong sister.

Author: Celeste Bradley is a best selling author who used to be a professional artist before deciding to use words to tell stories instead of pictures. She says she writes “brain chocolate”, a tasty treat for women to escape into from every day drudgery.

Note to Reader: This novel seems to be the last book of a trilogy. I was a bit confused by what was going on, particularly at the beginning, and so would suggest reading all three books in order to prevent this.

Plot: This story jumps back and forth between Melody’s wedding day where Button is telling Melody the story of her parent’s romance, and the past that is Laurel and Jack’s courtship.

Romance: While there is the tempestuous love story occurring between Jack and Laurel, there is also a romance between Fiona the maid and Johnny the footman. It is their courtship that helps Jack see what he needs to do to get Laurel to love and forgive him.

Character: Mr Wilberforce, also known as Wibbly-force by Melody, is the butler of Brown’s gentlemen’s club. The residence is known for it’s silver-haired members, yet Wilberforce now has to also deal with three younger male members, two wives, one young boy, a baby girl, a kitten, and the servants. He keeps tight control over the goings on of the club and greatly dislikes dust.

Unfulfilled Promise: What got Melody to that point in her life? The “past” tells of Jack and Laurel while the “present” tells of Melody’s wedding day. Perhaps this is answered in the previous two books, but if not there needs to be a fourth novel telling of Melody’s story.

Quote: I was a good lad today. I didn’t kill anyone and I told a joke. Welcome back to the human race, Jack.

The Verdict: This novel is rather funny, but I do not think it is really a stand-alone book. Reading the previous two books of the trilogy would have been beneficial, so I would recommend getting your hands on all three if you wish to read it.

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