Male versus Female Writers

Every author has their own unique voice. This is something I have always known… in theory. I do notice the differences in writing style while I read, but over the past couple years most of the books I have picked up had something in common. Something that made the novels feel like they were similar in the way they flowed. Just an overall aesthetic that gave them a quality of “sameness”.

I have recently been contracted to do some work as a freelance editor for an ebook publishing company, and have been assigned two novels. One is a fantasy written by a female novelist, while the other is a sci-fi tale from a male author. And never before has the differences between genders in their writing style been more obvious to me after working with these two manuscripts. Comparing my assignments and other books I have read over the years, here are some of the aspects I have found that contrast the two genders:

Females generally use first names for their characters, while Males have a proclivity for referring to their characters by their last names. 

Males are very precise in describing specific items and limited information about the setting, while Females give a more overall description. 

Females usually have a fairly balanced ratio of character genders, while Males have a higher ratio of men and may hardly even mention women/have female characters. 

Males have a more serious and dryer tone, Female word choice has a lighter feeling and a larger propensity towards humour. 

Females include the emotional aspect of things, Males only mention emotions in extreme situations and only in a clinical sense. 

Males often have longer and more complex sentences, Females say things simpler and to the point. 

Females generally use common everyday language that is immediately understandable, Males lean towards more archaic phrases and obscure terminology that require a dictionary to fully comprehend. 

What are some of the other differences you have noticed?

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Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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