Cover Reveal and Tourney!

Today brings great things! Well, two at least. First is the cover reveal of Jennifer L Armentrout’s third Covenant novel and, secondly, Alex duking it out for supremacy in her first tournament.

As many of you may know, I am a big fan of Jennifer L Armentrout whom I first *met* through a book blogger chat site (see Read.Chat.Love). She is a fabulous person and awesome author who always has time for her fans. I was one of the lucky bloggers who received ARCs and got to interview Jennifer (see previous post links below).

So when I was asked to help out with the cover reveal of the third Covenant novel I jumped at the chance! The cover has in fact been revealed last night by Jennifer, but for those who haven’t yet seen this fabulous third book in Jennifer L Armentrout’s Covenant series… Here is Deity in all it’s gorgeousness:

So what do you think of the cover? Is it your new favourite or do you prefer the artwork of one of the previous books in the series? And if you haven’t started reading Jennifer’s books, do!  They may be classified as ya, but they are wonderful no matter what your age. If you have already started reading these books, then you already know who Alexandria “Alex” Andros is…

She is the heroine of the Covenant books and needs votes in The Heroine Tournament that the YA Sisterhood is hosting. You can find out a bit more about this on Momo’s Books Over Boys blog as she is championing Alex. The incentive for you voting is just this: if Alex wins, Jennifer will write a scene that happens between the first Covenant novel Half-Blood and the second book Pure *yAy* Books Over Boys posted about this here, including tweets as proof.

So get on over there and Vote for Alex!

And once you have finished voting yourself, ensure to tweet (#HALFBLOODLEGION and #ALEXCOVENANT), facebook update, blog post, bribe your friends and family, do whatever you need to in order to get others voting for Alex, too!

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