Book Review: Arm Candy by Jo Leigh

Synopsis: Jessica Howell’s boss is getting a little too friendly, and to keep him in line she plans to find some “arm candy”.  So when Jessica is introduced to Dan Crawford, she knows he will be perfect for the job. Dan plans to use his time trying to learn how to understand women only to realize that, with Jessica, he wants to uncover the mystery slowly…

Author: Jo Leigh is not only an award-winning novelist, but also has a great career in television as a screenwriter, producer, and more for various shows, companies, and feature films. If that isn’t enough, Jo also teaches writing workshops and travels as a guest speaker at conferences.

Plot: The story line is fairly realistic, as it depicts the challenge women have to face every day: Do you choose your career or do you choose your relationship/family? A man never thinks twice about balancing his work and his wife, because they usually assume the woman will do the bending, but in this version Jessica is the one who refuses to compromise her goals.

Location: This novel takes place in New York City. I have never been there personally, but the story gives a fantastic description of the numerous locations Jessica is attending events at. So if some of these places don’t exist, I never knew the difference.

Format: While this book is laid out like any other pocket paperback it differs in that little pearls of wisdom, anecdotes, quotes by various women, jokes, and more divide each chapter. Also among these is some great advice for men, so please see “note to reader” below for more information.

Theme: This novel, while guised under a vastly amusing bit of fluff, actually deals with the age-old question of whether a woman can have both a successful professional life as well as a fulfilling personal one. The book answers that question… or you can get the gist by reading this review.

Note to Reader: This is a great man-manual, so if you can get your guy to read this novel he will soon learn how to be the nearly perfect boyfriend/husband. It includes little lists that could only help them understand you, such as: how to impress a woman, five worst gifts to buy a woman, a real man would do these things for his girl, and a ‘what women really mean’ translation guide.

Romance: The relationship that Dan wants does not seem like any relationship I’ve seen, any more than Jessica has. He wants to protect her from the people who would annoy or hurt her, he wants to take care of her -even if that means packing her a lunch before she leaves for the day- and he wants to encourage her, as well as be there if she needs someone to fall back on. Soon Jessica realizes that sometimes a girl doesn’t have to choose, but can have it all.

Character: Dan Crawford really is the perfect man.  He has an extremely successful business, he’s gorgeous, and he is perfectly willing to put family first. This man knows that the only way to have a satisfying career is to have a satisfying home-life, because you need someone to support and encourage you, someone to share all aspects of your life with.

Quote: “I expect the right woman for me will have found what makes her whole and happy. I want to share in that, just as I hope she’ll share in my life.”

The Verdict:All I can say is that if a man wants in my life, he sure as heck better read this book first. The novel not only burns up the pages, but it is also uplifting and gives hope to all those career gals out there who also want hearth and home.

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Author: JaimeKristal

JaimeKristal is a freelance editor and writer. She started her book review blog "Tales of a Booklover" for the enjoyment of sharing her love of reading.

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